René Burri (and one of those infamous Magnum portraits he took...)

Get your photo taken Magnum style!

Want to have your pic taken in the style of Martin Parr, Eliott Erwitt or Philippe Halsman? Here's how

As the publishers of fine Magnum photography books on the likes of René Burri, Martin Parr and Elliott Erwitt we perhaps shouldn't approve of  C/O Berlin's new venture at Amerika Haus… but we do. We really do.

To accompany the gallery's Magnum Photos-related show in new premises in Charlottenburg at the end of next month (after two years without its own exhibition space), the gallery will house photo booths that take your picture in the style of iconic Magnum photographers such as Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr and Philippe Halsman. 

They're calling the booths Portraits of Now (Let's not quibble about that) and visitors are encouraged to take away their original Magnum photo in the style of their favourite photographer as a print or digital file to share.


C/O Berlin at Amerika Haus
C/O Berlin at Amerika Haus

The opening show itself is called Contact Sheets and it provides a glimpse into the working practices of renowned Magnum photographers. You may remember this interview we did with René Burri in which he talks about Magnum's Henri Cartier-Bresson's enfuriating habit of viewing the photographers' negatives upside down. The show runs from October 31 to January 18. Check out our Magnum related books in the store.