Moscow reveals winners for two new metro stations


Moscow is undergoing its most ambitious infrastructure project to date, with plans for more than 70 new metro stations and over 160km of new tube lines by 2020.


The aim is to relieve Moscow Metropolitan’s overcrowded tube network, and a design competition sought proposals for the interiors of passenger zones and for pavilions over the stairway approaches.


The latest winning station designs to be announced are both by Russian architecture firms, who saw off competition from internationals as well as their compatriots.


Nizhniye Mnevniki station and Terekhovo station are both in the north-west of the Russian city, near the Moscow River on land surrounded by an oxbow lake. The neighbourhood is going through neighbourhood rapid development, hence the need for the tube line extension.

Timur Bashkayev Architectural Bureau won the Nizhniye Mnevnik station design with their striking colour-coded elements. The concrete building features overlapping red columns and certain walls and ceilings in are doused in red.


Meanwhile the classical design for Terekhovo station by BuroMoscow features contemporary pillars finished in light-reflecting paint. The firm was co-founded by Olga Aleksakova and Julia Bourdova in 2004, after Aleksakova had spent six years at OMA.


“Our guiding principle is that each station of our capital city’s underground should have its own distinct face, its own particular twist,” says Marak

Khusnullin, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for urban planning policy and construction.

These stations come some eight decades after excavations for the city’s first stations in the 1930s were dug by hand.