Damien Hirst's Brit Award revealed

The design for Hirst's 2013 Brit award is unveiled. He didn't pickle it, but he did put spots on it

The Brits, Britain's recorded music awards, has something of a reputation for prizing popularity over critical appreciation, so, when it came to reworking its awards, it's no surprise they've picked big hitters. As we reported last year, the awards body followed their redesigned awards trophies by Sir Peter Blake and Dame Vivienne Westwood with a commission for Damien Hirst. This afternoon his design was revealed.

Hirst, unsurprisingly, put spots on the Britannia statue – a treatment he has used for everything from pedal bins to electric guitars within the past few years. It's a recognisable design, and a success, we feel, for both the awards body and the artist. Whatever you think of his work, you can't deny Hirst's widespread appeal, as well as his affinity with bands and rock stars; the artist has, in the past, been on good terms The Clash's late singer, Joe Strummer and U2's frontman, Bono.

The BBC reports Hirst as saying, "I am honoured to be asked to design this year's statue, it has become such an iconic award,” adding, “I love the BRITs." We're sure this year's winners will return the compliment.