The Interiors Monologues - Carlos Mota


1. I was very impressed by many different people in this book. Some of them are not necessarily decorators, but people with great style and taste that collaborate with designers or did houses of their own. For example, Pablo Picasso and Deborah Turbeville. And looking through the book, most of the people I was attracted to were women like, Madeline Castaing's living room, Mona Bismarck's dining room, Lee Radziwill's Study, and Millicent Rogers living room. And I'm obsessed with the work of Umberto Pasti and Federico Forquet.
2. Well, It's like winning the lottery because to be among so many incredible and talented icons of design that I love and respect is something that I will never forget.
3. I always said the most important rooms, which are the rooms your spend most of your life, are your bedroom and bathroom. So, if you have the means, try to make the bedroom and bathroom as good or better than your living room. Have a great comfortable bed with great sheets. Great lighting is very important. Put a beautiful wood floor or rug in your bathroom. Cover the walls in fabric. Make it as luxurious as your budget will allow you to do so. Remember, the last thing you see is your bedroom and the first thing you see is your bathroom.
4. The book is a great punch of color that would look great on any coffee table or console or side table next to your bed with some pretty flowers on it. I pick the Merlot color but dying to get my hands on the yellow version. So, Merlot for the winter and yellow for the summer! How great!
.All the Best,
Carlos Mota