Jeff Wall - A Sudden Gust of Wind

Tate chooses Jeff Wall piece as Work of the Week

A Sudden Gust Of Wind sees the Canadian photographer reference one of Hokusai's famous works

The Tate has chosen Canadian photographer Jeff Wall's A Sudden Gust of Wind as it's Work of the Week. The work, one of our many favourites by the photographer, is an interpretation of Hokusai's Travellers Caught in a Sudden breeze at Ejiri.

As the Tate points out, allthough it looks like a photograph, it's actually a collage. Wall’s technique often uses actors photographed over a period of time, then elements from each picture are doctored to create the desired composition; a tableau of an iconic work. It questions the reality of photographs and our belief in the images that surround us. Check out our great selection of books by Jeff Wall.