David McCabe, Andy in a street of New York City (spring 1965)

It was 25 years ago today

Andy Warhol died on February 22, 1987 but his influence on high art and popular culture is as strong as ever

Great piece on Andy Warhol in the Guardian newspaper this morning canvassing the opinions of contemporary artists as to what they think the artist might be up to today if he was alive. The artist died 25 years ago following complications from a routine gallbladder operation.

The piece contemplates Warhol’s continuing influence on high art and popular culture. Jeremy Deller, who hung out at Warhol’s studio The Factory during the summer of 1986 and who currently has a retrospective at the Hayward Gallery claims he would have been a master of the internet. 

“He would have set up an auction website, a gossip website, a film sharing website. He was someone who liked to collect images and liked to collect things, and have his finger in a lot of different pies." But he points out Warhol "was a lot more complicated and critical than he gets credit for."

Andy Warhol working on 'Self-Portrait' at The Factory (1964) Andy Warhol working on 'Self-Portrait' at The Factory (1964)

Gillian Wearing, who once photographed herself dressed as Warhol says he changed film and documentary forever. “He was completely seminal in that area. His extremely long takes, his exploration of improvisation between fiction and reality came about through his playful and irreverent manner, and gave the world new ways of looking."

The piece ends on an insightful quote from Stuart Comer curator of film at Tate Modern: "He understood the very core of how industry and society and economics come together. Until capitalism ends, his influence will be irrevocable." Read the full story here and click through our gallery of Andy images. 

Andy Warhol with 'Flowers' at The Factory (1964) Andy Warhol with 'Flowers' at The Factory (1964)