Luc Tuymans - The Summer Is Over Zwirner Gallery, New York

The Summer Is Over for Luc Tuymans at Zwirner NY

Phaidon artist's tenth show in 20 years - delayed by Hurricane Sandy - finally opens at Zwirner Gallery

Since 1994 when Luc Tuymans had his American debut at the David Zwirner Gallery’s original location in SoHo, the artist has presented exhibitions at Zwirner precisely every two years, always premiering a new, thematic series of paintings. Last year proved an unwelcome exception however, when Hurricane Sandy forced the postponement of his proposed show, The Summer Is Over. Following the postponement, The Summer Is Over opens today in New York and will run until February 9. 

Tuymans, who famously starts and finishes each painting in a day says that each of his shows is conceived of as an entirely separate entity. "Every show is conceived as a gallery show. It has to make sense together and it has to draw a vacuum that you enter and leave." In a great video interview with the Guardian's Adrian Searle on the eve of his London Allo! show at Zwirner London towards the end of last year, a chain-smoking Tuymans explained a little more about his modus operandi. 

"Painting is about layers - it's not one dimensional. It's always about precision and timing. It's a very physical thing, it's a physicality you cannot explain. The first three hours are horrid, hell. It's like stage fright, and then some of the contrasts come together and you start to feel it's going the way it should go. It's a very strange habit." 

To coincide with the opening of the show, Tuymans is hosting a book signing at the Zwirner gallery this Saturday, January 12, from midday until 2 PM. He will be putting ink to paper on copies of the beautiful exhibition catalogue, Exhibitions at David Zwirner, 1994-2012 and our own equally fine Luc Tuymans monograph. The event is free and open to all.

Tuymans will also curate an exhibition at the Albertinum in Dresden, titled Constable, Delacroix, Friedrich, Goya. A Shock To The Senses which runs from March 16 – July 14.