Peter Zumthor

Peter Zumthor working on film with Wim Wenders

Architect's next project to be the subject of a 3D film shot by the legendary film director

Architect Peter Zumthor is collaborating with film director Wim Wenders on a film that will document one of his major projects from start to finish. Work on on the film was confirmed on Swiss TV at the weekend by both Zumthor and Wenders. It will take several years to complete and will be shot in 3D.

Wim Wenders said: ”Most architects build this stuff and they already have 3D representation. They can enter a building before they even build it. But I think especially with modern architecture, to make a film that really deals with the sense of place and how it changes the way people use buildings and are shaped by cities and buildings, that could not really have been done before.

“To feel what the room does to you, that is something that you could describe almost better in words than in a two-dimensional film. It is really about a sense of place. That’s a feeling that many architects share with filmmakers and that’s a common thing the two professions have. I’m really excited to have this tool now that gives this sense of place, and so I am quite excited about my architecture project.”

Wenders has already completed work on a short form trailer for the film which will be shown at the Venice Biennale next month. You can check out some of Zumthor's work in our forthcoming book Composing Space by photographer Hélène Binet.