The Lego Histogram 2.0, by Nucleo

How to make a designer Italian Lego table

Turin design firm Nucleo have published plans of how to make one of its Histogram table from 3195 Lego bricks

Those of you familiar with the Danish toy-maker's kits will have perused Lego plans like this before, wherein it lists just how many bricks are needed for a certain job. However, few will have encountered instructions to collect together quite so many pieces. What kind of construction requires 202 bright red bricks, or 237 stone grey pieces?


A Histogram table, designed by Turin firm Nucleo. The designers originally issued this stylish, epoxy occasional table, last year, via the leading Milanese furniture gallery, Nilufar. Nilufar currently offer it in a variety of colors and sizes; price start at €2,500 plus VAT.
However, enterprising types can now make their own, thanks to plans published on the Nucleo site, in celebration of the designers' fifteenth birthday. Dubbing this newer creation the Lego Histogram 2.0, they describe the designs, which can be printed off here, as a special gift to share with all their fans, friends, followers. However, given the complexity of the plans, which involve 868 separate steps, even long-standing Lego admirers might prefer to buy the table, rather than make their own.


In any case, we certainly salute Nucleo's inclusive spirit and democratic design ethos. If you are looking for a project to occupy you over Easter visit Nucleo's site; for further insight into the principles of good product design, in both toys and tables, consider our Design Classics series, a three-volume set containing the ultimate selection of well thought-out objects.