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Ferran Adria - no fan of airport food

If you're returning from your summer break you may have shared an experience with the elBulli star

An article in the Spanish newspaper El País assesses the state of airport food across the globe (something you'll perhaps have your own opinion on if you've recently returned from your summer holiday). Adria appears to feel most let down by the French capital saying, "It's amazing that a city like Paris, for example, doesn't have any great food to offer before or after security." He praises Barcelona's Terminal One in El Prat airport (designed by Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura) where "you can find traditional cuisine and gourmet shops."

And while in the UK Richard Branson may have lost out on an important railway franchise today, at least Adria has noted the quality of the food in the Virgin lounge at Heathrow. "The best is the Virgin in London," he says. "Also good are Qatar and Singapore. The subject of food at airports is very important for tourism, Adria says.  It "can be a showcase of the country's gastronomy." He suggests a way forward in "small sites with quality cuisine freshly made by young chefs".Read the full El País article and browse our Ferran Adria stories and books


T1 El Prat, Barcelona
T1 El Prat, Barcelona