Submitting a book proposal

Phaidon Adult Books

If you are considering submitting a book proposal to Phaidon Press, please be aware that we publish in the following areas: art, architecture, design, photography, film, fashion, contemporary culture, decorative arts, interior design, music, performing arts, cultural history, food, and cookery, and travel. We do NOT publish works of fiction or poetry.

Please send a short description of your project in English to along with your CV/résumé. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of submissions that we receive, we cannot give feedback on proposals. If we are interested in your project, we will contact you for further information.

Phaidon Press accepts submissions by email only. Please do not send hard copies. Phaidon cannot assume responsibility for any submissions sent by mail.

Phaidon Children's Books

If you are interested in submitting a children's book proposal to us, please bear in mind that we currently only publish for children ages 0-14. Your proposal’s subject matter must be relevant to the target age group and its quality must be commensurate with the Phaidon brand. Please be aware that we do not currently publish in the Young Adult category.

Priority is given to submissions that have been solicited or agented, and we will not reply to those that are not.

Appropriate proposals should be emailed to Please do not send hard copies. Phaidon cannot assume responsibility for any submissions sent by mail.

The Monacelli Press

The Monacelli Press will review book proposals in the fields of architecture and landscape architecture, fine and decorative arts, design, and photography. We prefer to receive proposals in the form of an annotated table of contents (a three-to-four-page table of contents with a brief description of every chapter). Submissions should also include: the author’s C.V. and/or biographical statement; a survey of comparable books; and sample art (N.B. do not send any original artwork or other materials). Please indicate if you own the rights to the illustrations, and if not, whether you have access to the required images. If you would like your manuscript or other proposal materials returned to you, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

The Monacelli Press is not responsible for original photographs, slides, book dummies, or other material that is submitted and will not return these to the sender.

We accept e-mailed and hard-copy submissions. Appropriate proposals should be emailed to Hard-copy submissions (with email address included for our response) can be mailed to:

The Monacelli Press
Attn: Acquisitions
65 Bleecker Street, 8th Floor
New York, New York 10012

PLEASE NOTE: all submissions are considered carefully by the relevant team within Phaidon Press or The Monacelli Press, but unfortunately, we may not be able to reply to each one directly. If you haven't heard anything back within three months from submitting your proposal, this means that this time you were unsuccessful.