The House of Osama Bin Laden - Langlands Bell (2003)

The changing face of media and conflict reporting

Wilhelm Sasnal is among the contributors to the thought-provoking Image Counter Image at Haus der kunst

Media coverage of conflict has changed significantly over the last two decades with more wars covered by an ever-increasing number of media organisations both big and small with more and more social media platforms often providing a very different slant on events. The questions around how can the interpretation of these events be monitored so that they remain impartial and whether there should in fact, be any kind of control exerted is highlighted in a great show Image Counter Image at the Haus der Kunst in Munich at the moment. It focuses on the views that artists have taken on conflict in the media beginning with the First Gulf War in the early nineties to 9/11 and the developments of the Arab Spring in 2011. Look out for works by filmmaker Roy Samaha, London-based digital artists Langlands & Bell and some great pieces by painter Wilhelm Sasnal. It runs until September 16.