Model For A Timeless Garden 2011 - Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson's strobe-lit fountains come to London

Flashes "freeze something that usually our eye and brain would see in motion" he says on eve of new show

Fans of The Weather Project, Olafur Eliasson's massive, sun-like installation in Tate Modern's Turbine Hall back in 2004, should head over to London's Hayward Gallery at some point from tomorrow until 28 April 2013. The Danish artist is taking part in a group exhibition called Light Show, alongside the likes of James Turrell, Jenny Holzer, and Conrad Shawcross. As the title suggests it's a sensual, visually rewarding group show which focuses on light as a medium. 

Eliasson has contributed, Model For A Timeless Garden (2011), a series of waist-height fountains lit by a strobe, which has been described as "both magical and disorientating". He says the strobe flashes "freeze something that usually our eye and brain would see in motion, so the film through which we see the world is cut into small sections." Eliasson adds that "there is something in that which is both exiting - quite lovely actually - and also somewhat threatening." 

It certainly sounds like an interesting work from an artist who has always pushed the limits of gallery-based art. Elliasson has also revealed that a building he has been working on should break ground in May, the same month his pedestrian footbridge opens in Copenhagen. "It's interesting to insert my artistic ideas into other languages, such as architecture. There is an overlap," he told The Times recently. Eliasson has apparently also been at work on producing a village as a work of art, and has been in talks with a Chinese party to do just this. However, the rumour is that the project may have run aground. 

Meanwhile, you can find out more about Light Show at the Southbank site, watch a video of Eliasson's Model For A Timeless Garden  and learn more about Eliasson's life and work in our enlightening monograph.