The Insider's Guide to Salvador

TV presenter Paula Magalhães on her favourite places as revealed in our downloadable Wallpaper* City Guide

If you're headed to Brazil for the start of the World Cup this week you may have already checked our Wallpaper* City Guides to Sao Paulo and Rio. Today we take a brief tour through Salvador courtesy of journalist and trendsetter Paula Magalhães.

Magalhães is the granddaughter of Antônio Carlos, Salvador’s alpha-male politico for more than 50 years, and lives by the beach in Ondina. She’s travelled widely but has no plans to trade the city’s natural beauty; cultural, religious and racial mix; or the "cheerful way that Bahians live their lives".

She loves browsing Rio Vermelho’s hip stores, such as Sarastro Brechó (Rua Belmonte 118, T 3011 8751) for vintage, and Urban Arts, which is great for gifts. She takes visitors to Museu de Arte Sacra – "It also has a great bay view" – Museu Henriqueta Catharino, for the 19th- and 20th-century dresses that "really give you a sense of Salvador in all its former glory", and the art exhibitions at MAM (Museo de Arte Moderna da Bahia) before a crêpe at the in-house Solar Café.


Paula recommends sampling the acarajé at Regina
Paula recommends sampling the acarajé at Regina

Magalhães likes to catch up with friends over a late-afternoon coffee at Cafélier or an orange juice and cachaça sorbet at Le Glacier Laporte (Largo do Cruzeiro de São Francisco 21, T 3266 3649). By night, she recommends sampling the acarajé at Regina (Largo de Santana) or the pata negra and cava sangria at La Taperia (Rua da Paciência 149, T 8716 1077). On free weekends, she often jumps on a yacht with friends and heads to Ilha de Maré in the bay, for lunch and a caipiroska at boho-chic restaurant Preta (Botelho, T 9326 7461). "It’s a gorgeous spot with fantastic food."

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