Stephen Shore's Facebook shares, earlier today

Stephen Shore shares his Lou Reed pictures

Following the singer's passing, Shore posted one of his Factory shots, featuring a young, vulnerable Reed

"One May afternoon when we were filming in L'Avventura," recalls Warhol in one of his many memoirs, "a young kid named Stephen Shore came by to take pictures of us. He'd made a short film that was shown at the Film-Makers' Coop the same night in February as my 'The Life of Juanita Castro' and afterward he'd come over to me and asked if he could come by the Factory - he was taking still photographs and had heard there was a lot going on there."

Shore went on to chronicle on Warhol's Factory and his inner circle. This, of course, included Lou Reed, the lead singer in the Velvet Underground, who passed away a few days go.

So, it was nice to see Shore - now one of America's greatest fine-art photographers - share this shot, taken at the original silver Factory in 1966, around the time Reed and co were recording their debut album and performing at Warhol's multimedia parties, the Exploding Plastic Inevitable.


Chuck, Andy, Edie (1965-67) by Stephen Shore
Chuck, Andy, Edie (1965-67) by Stephen Shore

Although Reed was still in his early twenties, Shore was in his teens, and perhaps this is why Reed appears to be so uncharacteristically at ease. Indeed, the nascent singer appears to reveal some of the tenderness that Reed's intimates have talked about in the many, many obituaries. We thank Stephen for sharing the shot, and express our condolences towards Reed's friends and family.

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