Agnès Varda and Pharrell Williams, as posted on JR's Instagram

Watch Pharrell kiss Agnès Varda in JR's new film

The artist introduced francophone audiences to a few of his famous pals in a new Canal + video, Carte Blanche

Ever wondered what a day in the life of the French artist, film maker, activist and friend to the Stars, JR might be like? Canal + has the answer.

The French TV channel has produced a series of programs called Carte Blanche, wherein notable figures are given absolute freedom to make a half-hour video diary. The actor Orlando Bloom, the film director Radu Mihaileanu and the band Metronomy have all made them. Now it’s JR’s turn.

In this short snippet from the film, the artist can be seen riding around New York on his seriously underpowered VéloSoleX moped. Yet, whatever JR lacks in horsepower is more than made up for in social connections. The artist FaceTimes the dancer Lil Buck as he pastes up Buck's likeness on to a New York wall. Later he runs into the veteran Belgian-born turned French New Wave filmmaker Agnès Varda, and later still introduces Agnès to the world-famous recording star Pharrell Williams.


Carte Blanche du jour : J.R - Carte Blanche du 19/10


JR warns Williams that Agnès doesn’t usually like to be kissed, but Varda corrects him, saying that, in this case, she doesn’t mind at all. Watch the clip above, and For more on this important contemporary artist order a copy of our book JR: Can Art Change the World? here.