Massimo in his new video for Panerai

Slow food, fast cars and now perfect timing - Massimo Bottura teams up with Florentine watchmaker Panerai

Hear the chef talk about tradition and innovation in this new video

When Massimo Bottura was young, he used to really like the lasagne his mother cooked for him. However, the bit he really liked was the crunchy, almost burnt, upper layer.

He was, he admits in his book, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, known for stealing this toasted top layer before the dish had even left the kitchen.

Today he draws on that childhood enthusiasm, as well as some of the most advanced culinary techniques, to create his dish, The crunchy part of the lasagne – also known by a slightly more highbrow name, La dame et son Chevalier.

It’s this balance between innovation and tradition that the chef discusses in a new short film for the Italian watchmaker Panerai.


Massimo in his new film for Panerai
Massimo in his new film for Panerai

“Innovation is my secret ingredient” he says in the film, which also sees him sporting a Tuttonero – Luminor 1950 3 Days GMT automatic Ceramica PAM438, while preparing the dish with, among other kitchen implements, a blow torch and a Big Green Egg charcoal barbecue.

Panerai watches are equally well-balanced between tradition and innovation, though at $14,400 for a Tuttonero – Luminor, Massimo should be pretty careful with that blow torch.


Massimo Watch

Watch the clip above, and for more on how to make the dish, as well as lots else besides, order a copy of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef here.