Magnus Nilsson. Photo by Erik Olsson

Magnus Nilsson is closing Fäviken

After 10 very successful years Magnus will close the restaurant on December 14 (and yes, it's too late to book)

Magnus Nilsson has announced that he is to close his restaurant Fäviken Magasinet in December after more than ten incredibly successful years. In a letter sent out to friends -  and in a video shot for the LA Times - he's thanked his supporters, admitted he's a little bit tired - who wouldn't be? - and says that he intends to go fishing, garden, reflect a bit and spend time with his family while he gets physically and mentally fit. Here's the letter Magnus sent out a couple of hours ago. 


Dear Friends,
With this note I would like to tell you that this coming season will be my last at Fäviken Magasinet.
I have been the chef here for more than ten years now and it has been amazing.
Unusually early in my career I was presented with the opportunity to develop and operate an ambitious restaurant in a way that most chefs can only dream about. I have had the chance to work alongside the best team I could have ever dreamed of, cooking for the most fantastic guests (mostly).
Fäviken has been a project where I have enjoyed tremendous support from the Brummer family, who are Fäviken’s owners and my business partners. I have been allowed to grow and develop, and I have enjoyed complete creative freedom.
It has been a hard decision, but one that I believe is the right one. The evening of the 14th of December 2019 will be my last.
I wanted to share this news now when the coming season is already fully booked, as to not motivate guests to come here just because of the news itself. I hope that my last half-year at Fäviken will be business as usual, and that those who come here to enjoy Fäviken and what we have to offer, do so not because it will end soon, but because it is a magnificent restaurant experience right now. We have truly never been better.


Signed copies of Faviken are available in the store
Signed copies of Faviken are available in the store


The charcuterie production and shop in Undersåker, also operated by Fäviken will remain open as usual also after the restaurant closes.
When I am done here I am going to spend time with my family, reflect, fish, garden, write, rest and get fit, both physically and mentally. I am not going to lie, I am a little bit tired after all this time pushing the development of the restaurant forward.
I would like to thank you all for coming here to work, eat, share, and to be a part of what Fäviken has been and will be for a while longer.
I have given one interview on this matter (with the LA Times) to provide a little bit more depth. To my friends out there working in media: I want to spend my last half-year at Fäviken enjoying my work in the restaurant, not talking about what has been and what is to come. I am very sorry for not making myself available for any more interviews at this time and I hope you understand.

Best wishes and once again, thank you. You have all been amazing!

Magnus Nilsson