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Come to Phaidon's Venice Architecture Biennale talk

Architects from OMA and MAD will debate global architecture with Online Atlas editor Jean-Francois Goyette

One of the amusing moments in Rem Koolhaas’s lively introduction to 2014's Venice Architecture Biennale in London the other week came when the OMA architect turned his attention to the notion of whether there was still such a thing as national architecture. The image behind him that accompanied this part of the presentation drew an instant reaction from the assembled architectural cognoscenti upon which Koolhaas commented, “I’m glad you laughed!” (You can see the image below).

So is there still such a thing as a discernible national architecture? Next month, Phaidon Atlas Editor, Jean-Francois Goyette will debate the subject at the Venice Biennale in what promises to be a fascinating discussion with architects from the aforementioned OMA, Kéré and MAD at the British Pavilion. 

Among other things, the talk will debate why, in an age of worldwide markets, universal techniques, intercontinental travel and transnational telecommunications, many still argue for architecture’s regional provenance. 

He’ll be joined by Stephan Petermann from OMA, Ma Yansong from MAD architects and Diébédo Francis Kéré from Kéré Architects to discuss whether contemporary architecture should pursue national forms or revel in a globalised culture. The debate will be chaired by the British Council’s Vicky Richardson.


Rem Koolhaas's new national architecture slide that drew a laugh from attendees of the Venice Architecture Biennale launch
Rem Koolhaas's new national architecture slide that drew a laugh from attendees of the Venice Architecture Biennale launch

“While there are forces that bring it towards globalisation there still remains certain ways that architecture still has to relate to local culture,” Jean Francois Goyette says. "This is one of the areas where The Phaidon Atlas has an important role to play."

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Meanwhile, the full details for the talk if you’re in Venice are: British Pavilion June 6, 3-4pm during the Biennale Vernissage. The talk is free but spaces are limited so if you want to come make sure you RSVP at venice@phaidonatlas.com

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