Name the 8 bit architect

Name these 10 architects to win a download of the magnificent Phaidon Architecture Travel Guide App

While the entire gaming world has been debating the merits of Grand Theft Auto 5 this week, our eyes were drawn to these old school 8 bit computer game renderings of famous starchitects by Federico Babina. 

An architect himself, Babina says his goal was to pair architects with buildings that represent their “essence.” He likened his technique to a “digital pointillism where the mouse replaces the brush."

"Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult,” he says. “To simplify you have to remove, and to remove you have to know what to take away." His idea he says is to “represent the complexity of the forms and personalities through the simplicity of the pixel.” 

We like them, and if you email with all 10 names we'll give one lucky entrant a code for a free download of our magnificent new Phaidon Architecture Travel Guide App. Competition ends midnight Monday (23rd September). Of course, it would be cheating to look at Federico's site or in our architecture store (where you'll find great books on many of these big names).