Cloudbridge - Arturo Tedeschi

Designer joins forces with algorithm for new bridge

Arturo Tedeschi’s latest parametric design Cloudbridge spans two mountainsides

Arturo Tedeschi is at the boundary where architecture meets computers, and it’s a boundary he’s been pushing. A trained architect and computational designer, his favourite subject is parametric design, which in a nutshell involves creating a diagram with software, giving it some instructions, and seeing what sort of shape comes about.

In the case of Tedeschi’s latest ‘experiment’, the shape is lozenge. It’s a latticed, cloud-like bridge concept spanning – or seemingly floating between - a couple of mountainsides. The Cloudbridge was created by in-putting the dimensions, weights, construction constraints, shape and length of the path Tedeschi and his colleagues had fed into the computer. While the methodology may be super-scientific, the resulting form looks positively organic.

Tedeschi, who is in his mid-30s, could be said to live a life parametric. He teaches and lectures on the subject, and has co-designed a parametric installation in Rome, as well as a pair of parametrically-challenging stillettos. Probably not the best footwear for the Cloudbridge. If you like what you see, you should take a look at The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century Architecture,  and if you're off on a business or social trip anytime soon make sure you download The Phaidon Architecture Travel Guide App.