Minicity Model park, Turkey by Emre Arolat Architects

Venice Architecture Biennale - five new countries join

Angola, Kosovo, Kuwait, Peru and Turkey invited by curator David Chipperfield to take part

The growth in international architecture is something we've long championed here at Phaidon. Our Atlas of 21st Century Architecture does a fine job of placing the work of internationally acclaimed and emerging architects alongside those currently unknown outside their own country. So in that vein we were happy to see that the 13th edition of the Venice architecture Biennale just got even more global with the announcement that five new countries will be taking part. Angola, Kosovo, Kuwait, Peru and Turkey join 50 other countries for this year’s event which is curated by David Chipperfield who tells us the theme for this year’s event is “what we have in common”. The Biennale’s 58 projects - designed by 103 architects - photographers and artists, will be hosted in the Arsenale historic shipyards and the nearby Giadini parks, as well as in other venues across the city. The five new countries have much to offer in terms of their unique architectural history and contemporary up and comers. Turkey’s Minicity Model Park (pictured above) in Antalya by Emre Arolat Architects is a slate-coloured pavilion that houses a tourist attraction – miniature models of some of Turkey’s most historic buildings. It's aso featured in the Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture. The Biennale runs from August 29th to November 25th.