A still from Björk's 1999 video, All Is Full of Love, by Chris Cunningham

Björk comes to MoMA in 2015

The Icelandic artist is the subject of a full career retrospective curated by Klaus Biesenbach in March

Very few recording artists have a sufficient body of work to produce the kind of show that the V&A put together for David Bowie in 2013. Yet Björk, with her varied solo work, agile digital output, and quixotic live shows and collaborations, does feel like an apt choice for the Bowie treatment. With this in mind, we welcome news that New York’s Museum of Modern Art will host a full career retrospective dedicated to the singer and her work next year.



As her site puts it, “The exhibition, entitled simply 'Björk', is the brainchild of curator-at-large Klaus Biesenbach and will open on March 7, 2015 and be on display until June 7. Incorporated in the exhibition will be elements spanning Björk's entire 20-year solo career, including costumes, performances, instruments and more, and it will  highlight her many artistic collaborators over the years."

Björk.com adds, "Working with long-time friend and Ally Sjón, Björk has written a new narrative thread that will tie together all her work in a way never seen before and include a brand new audio/visual piece created by Björk , [filmmaker] Andrew Huang and [software company] Autodesk.” A collaboration with a software company, how very Björk.



We did actually hear about this project some time back; the singer’s manager, Derek Birkett, told Phaidon.com a few weeks ago that, while Björk admired the Bowie retrospective, she was keen to emphasise the newly commissioned work in this exhibition. It’s certainly something that her fans, who’ve always welcomed her innovation and reinvention, will welcome. Find out more here, and for greater insight into contemporary creativity across the spectrum, buy our 21st Century Art Book and Defining Contemporary Art.