Desk Bed - Studio NL

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Every wage slave's worst nightmare has just arrived - complete with comfy pillow

Many businesses pride themselves on how well they look after their employees. Think of the local gym memberships, the canteen chefs, the laundry services. Of course the reason some of us need all these on-site facilities is that we’re never at home long enough to exercise, eat or wash our clothes there. So it doesn’t take a big imagination to envisage the next step: sleeping in the office.

Many of us have done it, and it was going on long before email made 24/7 slaves out of us. Just look at all the nocturnal dozing that goes on in the Madmen offices.

So to accommodate – quite literally – this apparent need, Athanasia Leivaditou of StudioNL has come up with a nifty solution. Called 1.6SM, it’s a desk that converts into a bed. It looks like a table on top of a storage unit, but the sides come off the unit to reveal a slim mattress and pillow resting inside the unit’s frame.


Desk Bed - Studio NL
Desk Bed - Studio NL

Now we feel that we shouldn't exactly be condoning its existence so we'll leave that to Leivaditou who says: “In the competitive environments of the new Metropolis, work almost defines the purpose of existence. Physical, psychological and intellectual isolation has become a common phenomenon in the megacities. Our lives are shrinking in order to fit the confined space of our office: 1.6 SM [square meters].”

While acknowledging it’s a good-looking concept, we're not convinced that night-time office kipping should be encouraged. However for that mid afternoon ten minute power nap that's been proven to increase productivity and recharge worn out batteries it looks just the thing. Dont' forget to turn off the email alert.