Min-Kyu Cho, Nominated by Tony Chambers, Daniel Charny, Marcus Fairs, Sam Hecht, Shane Walter, Folding Plug, UK Overall Brit Insurance Design Award Winner 2010 and Winner, Product Award 2010

Brit Insurance Design Awards 2010 winners

Winning designs from the last twelve months

Winners for the Brit Insurance Design Awards 2010 Announced

The 2010 Brit Insurance Design of the year is the ‘Folding Plug’ by Min-Kyu Choi (a recent graduate from the Royal College of Art, London).

The nifty transit-friendly device folds up when not in use and takes up less than half the storage space of a standard plug.


The Brit Insurance Design Award 2010 category winners:

Architecture Award 2010

Monterrey Housing, Mexico
Designed by ELEMENTAL

This series of low budget ‘half-houses’ in Mexico is designed by Elemental for the owners to expand at a minimal cost.


Fashion Award 2010:

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer ‘10 and Spring/ Summer ‘10 Catwalk Presentation, Plato’s Atlantis
Designed by Alexander McQueen

The 2010 fashion award goes posthumously to Alexander McQueen. His show ‘Plato’s Atlantis’, with its futuristic underwater theme, was broadcast live across the Internet.


Furniture Award 2010:

Grassworks, Netherlands
Designed by Jair Straschnow

Made entirely of bamboo pieces, Jair Straschnow’s ‘Grassworks’ collection makes maximum use of this material for unique furniture designs.


Graphics Award 2010:

The Newspaper Club, UK
Created by Ben Terrett, Russell Davies and Ton Taylor and supported by 4iP

The Newspaper club benefits from utilising downtime at printing presses, providing high-quality colour newsprint printing at a low cost.


Interactive Award 2010:

The EyeWriter, USA
Developed by members of Free Art and Technology, openFrameworks, Graffiti Research Lab, The Ebeling Group and Tony Quan

Designed for sufferers of the paralysing motor neuron disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the EyeWriter is a piece of innovative software that allows people to draw using only their eyes.


Transport Award 2010:

E430 Electric Aircraft, China
Designed and manufactured by Yuneec International

The E430 is the first-ever electric aircraft and is designed to be simple to use and produce zero emissions.


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