The old ITV logo

ITV1 loses its figure

New look logo for ITV will see an end to the 1- but 2, 3 and 4 remain for now

Cries of relief from Britain’s couch potatoes as ITV ditches the digit from its flagship channel ITV1. The change is part of an overhaul of the broadcaster’s entire brand, which is expected to include ‘a fresh, modern creative identity’ by next year, according to Design Week. The work will be led by group marketing and research director Rufus Radcliffe. It is not known if there any external groups involved in the project at this stage.

However, the intention is for the other three ITV channels, 2,3 and 4, to keep their names. The ITV1 moniker has been around for a decade now, since when TV viewers and radio listeners have been overloaded with such letter-digit combos, what with Radio4 Extra and the like. ITV launched the ITV1 brand in 2002, with the initial identity created by Bruce Dunlop and Associates. The most recent identity was created by Red Bee Media in 2006.

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