New look for Coca-Cola

Turner Duckworth's new look for Diet Coke cans becomes permanent

Though playing with the Coca-Cola logo may seem like sacrilege to some (and a guaranteed law suit for others) it's about to get bigger - permanently. Following a trial period of an enlarged and cropped version of the logo on some Diet Coke cans that started in late 2010 the new look, created by London and San Francisco-based design and branding agency, Turner Duckworth, is to become permanent.

As we reported a few months back, Turner Duckworth also reworked Coca-Cola cans for the 2012 Olympics. reports that after a trial in Target shops the new look proved so popular it's to become permanent. The new design will only be applied to cans, not bottles and the full logo will still appear on boxes. The coke logo is, of course, just one of many iconic designs in The Phaidon Archive of Graphic Design, available for pre-order now.