The LA collector’s home that is a pretty fine work in its own right

Our new Atlas of Interior Design features many fine homes, including one that once housed works by Picasso, Giacometti and Matisse

Brody Residence, A. Quincy Jones & William Haines, Los Angeles, California, US, c. 1954. Picture credit: Julius Shulman © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

The bird that's judged on its building skills

This reconstruction of a bowerbird’s nest ended up in a gallery. Maybe the distance between art world and avian world isn’t as big as we think

Andy Holden and Peter Holden, Natural Selection, 2018. Mixed media, Temporary installation at Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, UK. Andy Holden/Photograph by Alison Bettles

How Septime made foraging 'a little less foolish'

These young French restaurateurs love to use natural ingredients - just don’t expect to see a lot of ‘hairy herbs’ on the plate

Twilight at D’une île, on the edge of the Bois de Voré in the Parc naturel régional du Perche. Photograph by Alexandre Guirkinger

Join Virgilio Martínez on his journey to discover the soul of Latin American cookery

When the superstar chef gathered recipes from across the continent for his new book he also uncovered some incredible stories along the way

Virgilio Martínez on his incredible Latin American Cookbook journey - photography by Daniel Silva

The birds beloved by cigarette card collectors

Cigarette cards were originally intended to protect a buyer’s smokes from bending, but these adorable avian ones quickly found favour among collectors

Birds of the Tropics, 1889 Chromolithograph cigarette cards, issued by Allen & Ginter. From Bird

African Artists and sexuality

Pioneering Queer artists are among those offering insights into contemporary life in the African continent in our groundbreaking new book

Iduku, 2011, from the series 'Black Men in Dress', by Sabelo Mlangeni

Aino Aalto, the Woman who Made beautiful glassware we can all enjoy

In Woman Made, Jane Hall tells the stories of female designers who helped create our modern world, including this Finnish architect and businesswoman

The fishermen that saved Slippurinn

You might not think sourcing fish on an Icelandic island would be a particularly hard challenge – but you’d be wrong

Chef Gísli Matt (bottom right) inspects the fish being loaded into Slippurinn

The smart chemistry in the Latin American Cookbook

There is one ancient, yet effective, preparation technique that opens up a world of culinary opportunities, Virgilio Martínez's new book reveals

Corn, or maize, as featured in The Latin American Cookbook

The Women who Made contemporary furniture, while drawing on traditional designs

In our new book Women Made: Great Women Designers, Jane Hall profiles the innovative individuals unafraid of embracing the traditional and vernacular

Hizz Rocking Chair, 2016, by Mentalla Said and Jumana Taha. From Woman Made

When music shook, rattled and rolled men’s fashion

By ditching formality and embracing rebellious androgyny, rock stars helped change the way men dress forever

Elvis Presley, 1956, as featured in The Men's Fashion Book

This is how you can mix drinks like an artist

World-renowned artists offer up a bar load of tasty cocktail recipes in our new book The Kitchen Studio

Ponche a Crème by Zak Ové

The Swiss home that is just so Seventies

Designer Verner Panton’s own home on the outskirts of Basel was a symphony of modern and mid-century styles

Panton House by Verner Panton, Binningen, Switzerland, 1972. As reproduced in our new Atlas of Interior Design

Find a new way to make guilt-free treats with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavour and texture to your snacks with this low-fat sweet treat from Salma Hage's new book

Fruit leather, as featured in Middle Eastern Sweets

The bird that flew to The Moon

Our new book, Bird: Exploring the Winged World, includes the Apollo 11 mission badge, with an uncharacteristically peaceful bald eagle

The Official Emblem of Apollo 11, 1969, by Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins. Embroidery, Diam. 10.4 cm / 4 in NASA

Find a new way to impress your guests, with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavour and texture to a show-stopping ice cream recipe via food world legend Salma Hage's new book

Stretchy Ice Cream, or booza. Photography by Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton

The perfect setting for perfect books

These images, taken in an award-winning contemporary Californian house, show how well our publications complete a room

Phaidon books at The California House by Gluck+. Photography: Paul Vu/Here and Now Agency (@hereandnowagency);Styling: Dorothea Coelho Interiors (@dorotheacoelho); Architecture: Gluck+ @gluck_plus

Find a new way to get kids baking, with Middle Eastern Sweets

Children will love the playful recipes in our new book, and you’ll love the fresh new flavours

Fig jam thumbprint cookies. Photography: Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton. From Middle Eastern Sweets

This curvy Mexican house could be mistaken for a work of art

There’s barely a single, straight line to be found in Casa Senosiain, the hillside house that looks like Land Art

Casa Senosiain, Javier Senosiain, Naucalpan de Juárez (MX), 1984

The surprising Indonesian influence in the Latin American Cookbook

International, colonial links brought this dish half way around the world, as our latest cookbook explains

Mixed vegetables with spicy peanut sauce, or gado-gado, as featured in The Latin American Cookbook

The bird that fooled Einstein

Our new book, Bird: Exploring the Winged World, includes the toy, nodding birdie that foxed the father of relativity

Drinking Bird, 1945. Glass, plastic, feathers, metal, felt, H. 19 cm / 7 ½ in Private collection

African Artists and Empire

The colonial and postcolonial experience looms large in our groundbreaking new book African Artists From 1882 to Now

This Palm Springs pad is great to Bond over

Waiting for the much-delayed 007 film? Take a look at this house fit for a real-life Bond, as featured in our Atlas of Interior Design

Villa Grigio. James H. McNaughton & Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Palm Springs, California (US), 1963/2016

How the Icelandic economic crash helped give birth to Slippurinn

The 2008 financial crisis devastated Iceland, but it led chef Gísli Matt to look for inspiration close to home

Chef Gísli Matt on the beach at Heimaey

The superfoods in the Latin American Cookbook

Highly nutritional grains are a staple food in this part of the world (though the associated dishes might not always please clean-eating diet coaches!)

Quinoa Fritters. Photo by Jimena Agois

How Septime swapped the sommelier for better wine

Two young French restaurateurs proved to Parisian gastronomes that natural wine is much better than unnatural pretentions

La Cave, 3 rue Basfroi, Paris. Photo by Alexandre Guirkinger

All you need to know about Jens Risom: A Seat at the Table

We’re proud to publish the first monograph on the life and work of this legendary Danish-American mid-century designer

Jens Risom: A Seat at the Table

All you need to know about Unelaborated Products

Ferran Adrià’s elBullifoundation takes a deep dive into the uncooked and unprocessed ingredients that form the foundation of all cuisine

Unelaborated Products

Find a new way to cool off, with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavours to your ice pops and chilled desserts this summer using our new book of Middle Eastern delights

Yogurt and honey ice pops. Photography: Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton. From Middle Eastern Sweets

How Septime tore apart the restaurant hierarchy of Paris

Our new book describes how two young Parisians challenged the values of haute cuisine and created a whole new way of eating out

Façade of Septime at 80 rue de Charonne, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris. Photograph: Alexandre Guirkinger

The sleek tropical villa that could give you a Royal flush

Our new Atlas of Interior Design offers readers incredible access to some of the most beautiful dwellings on earth, including this home-from-home for a member of the House of Windsor

Les Jolies Eaux, Oliver Messel, Mustique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, 1978. Image courtesy of The Mustique Company

When hip-hop took hold of men’s fashion

Our new book reaches beyond big designers and name brands to look at how cultural and social movements have changed the way we dress

Rolling Partners, Downtown Brooklyn, NYC, 1982. Photograph by Jamel Shabazz. This image illustrates the Cazal entry in The Men's Fashion Book

The volcano that shaped Slippurinn

The eruption of Eldfell almost put an end to life on the Icelandic island, Heimaey. So why does the chef Gísli Matt find the volcano comforting?

The Eldfell volcano on Heimaey. As reproduced in Slippurinn

The ancient civilisations in the Latin American Cookbook

Our new overview of Latin American cuisines looks back at the pre-Columbian elements

Corn beer, as featured in the Latin American Cookbook

The little bird that charmed royalty (but really annoyed revolutionaries)

Our new book, Bird: Exploring the Winged World, includes the very first Fabergé egg, loved by the Romanovs, and hated by the Bolsheviks

The Hen Egg, 1885. Varicoloured gold, enamel, rubies. Fabergé Museum, Saint Petersburg. From Bird

All you need to know about Universal Design Studio

The debut monograph from this acclaimed practice demonstrates how crucial design is for creating better spaces, better experiences, and better cities

Universal Design Studio

Massimo plates up with David Beckham

On a recent trip to Italy, the soccer star tried recreating one of the chef's best-known dishes

Bottura and Beckham plating up together. A still from David Beckham's Instagram video

All you need to know about Living by the Ocean

Our thrilling new architectural survey brings together some of today’s most impressive homes built in awe-inspiring coastal locations around the world

Living by the Ocean

All you need to know about Two Worlds: Above and Below

The first major book in two decades by pioneering underwater photographer David Doubilet takes us into a deep and beautiful world

Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea by David Doubilet

All you need to know about Lorna Simpson

Get the one, authoritative monograph on this brilliant, trailblazing, celebrated American artist

Lorna Simpson

All you need to know about Woman Made

Jane Hall realigns design history, by focussing on the world's greatest female designers

Woman Made

All you need to know about Match Point: Tennis by Martin Parr

See the world's Grand Slam tournaments from Martin Parr's inimitable point of view

Match Point: Tennis by Martin Parr

All you need to know about Mickalene Thomas

Our new book is the first comprehensive monograph dedicated to an artist already leaving her mark on art history

Mickalene Thomas

All you need to know about Rainbows in Bloom

The Putnams’ debut children’s book not only teaches kids about colour, it also opens up the beauty of the floral world

Rainbows in Bloom

All you need to know about Living in Colour

Our colour-ordered contemporary interior design book takes readers through the spectrum, room by room

Living in Colour

All you need to know about Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel

Discover one of the most fruitful partnerships in modern architecture, via sixteen breathtaking stores

Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel

Deborah Berke By Design

'The spaces are refined with an artful order, so the lives and interests of our clients are foregrounded,' says the New York architect

Deborah Berke

Vincent Van Duysen By Design

'I am inspired by the ideas and forms of tribal and nomadic cultures,' says the Belgian architect and interior designer

Vincent Van Duysen - photo by Thomas Seear-Budd

Fran Hickman By Design

There's no signature aesthetic for this UK designer but her studio’s portfolio reveals elegant, highly tailored interiors with playful touches - no wonder Gwyneth Paltrow is a fan

Martin Brudnizki By Design

'A house can not only make us feel comfortable, but also more confident,' says this masterful Swedish American designer

Martin Brudnizki

All you need to know about Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D'une île

An evocative, intimate food monograph by the duo behind one of the most acclaimed restaurant collections in France

Septime, La Cave, Clamato, D'une île

All you need to know about The Italian Bakery

Unlock the sweet life, with this easy to follow, authoritative guide to authentic Italian dolci

The Italian Bakery

All you need to know about Slippurinn

Find out how chef Gísli Matt turned a scorched Icelandic volcanic island into a culinary paradise

Slippurinn: Recipes and Stories from Iceland

All you need to know about The Ultimate Art Museum

Reignite your children’s love of museums with this beautiful, accessible, interactive museum-in-a-book

The Ultimate Art Museum

David Netto By Design

The acclaimed American interior designer describes why David Bowie and Bryan Ferry are among those who've informed his practice

David Netto - photo by Rozette Rago

All you need to know about Flower Flash

The New Yorker calls Lewis Miller 'the Banksy of floral design.' Isn't it time you got to know more about him?

Flower Flash

Robert Stilin By Design

Furniture with crisp, clean lines, luxurious textiles and neutral palettes with pops of colour populate the designs of this art-loving New Yorker

Robert Stilin - photo by Christopher Testani

Tom Scheerer By Design

The renowned interior designer explains why his relationship with his clients is a little bit like a teacher's

Tom Scheerer - photo by Francesco Lagnese

All you need to know about The Atlas of Interior Design

Our global overview of incredible interiors from 1940 until the present day will inform, delight and inspire

Atlas of Interior Design

All you need to know about Bird: Exploring the Winged World

Our new book dedicated to avian imagery will delight anyone who's ever gazed in awe at our feathered friends

Bird: Exploring the Winged World

Suzy Hoodless By Design

Britain’s brightest tastemaker describes how she turned her early years at Wallpaper* magazine into a glittering interiors career

Suzy Hoodless - photo by Alun Callender

Kit Kemp By Design

Since this MBE awarded designer launched Firmdale Hotels in 1985, her brand has become synonymous with an individualistic aesthetic that makes quirky properties feel like home

Kit Kemp - photo by Simon Brown

All you need to know about Omer Arbel

Our new book outlines the unique processes and singular outlook of one of the world’s greatest design polymaths

Omer Arbel

Sophie Ashby By Design

The founder of London practice Studio Ashby describes how her peripatetic childhood informs her interior design approach

All you need to know about The Men’s Fashion Book

Our comprehensive, whole cloth overview of the makings of male sartorial elegance covers both big names and under-celebrated innovators

The Men's Fashion Book

Bunny Williams By Design

The acclaimed designer and creative partner Elizabeth Lawrence explain why they make rooms to be lived in, not to be treated as a stage set

Bunny Williams and Elizabeth Lawrence in the swatch room - photo by Peter Murdock

All you need to know about Middle Eastern Sweets

Salma Hage’s latest book is a joyful pean to the sweetest treats the Middle East has to offer

Middle Eastern Sweets

All you need to know about African Artists From 1882 to Now

Get an entire continent of carefully curated art, between the beautifully designed covers of one book

African Artists: From 1882 to Now

Take a grand tour of our architecture titles for fall 2021

Flawless mid-century homes, jewel-perfect flagship stores, the globe's best beach houses and works by the world’s leading practices all feature in our new list

Phaidon's new architecture titles. From top left: pages from Louis I Kahn; Architizer: The World's Best Architecture Practices 2021; pages from Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel; Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses, classic format; Louis I Kahn; Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakech; Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel; Universal Design Studio

A preview of our fashion, design and interiors titles for fall 2021

Men's fashion, women's design achievements, and mankind's universal love of pigmentation - all feature in our new season books

All you need to know about The Latin American Cookbook

Access the entire culinary heritage of one of the world’s greatest food regions in a single, authoritative book

The Latin American Cookbook

Bill Bensley By Design

The Harvard-educated, Bangkok and Bali-based interior designer describes how art, parties and nature inform his practice

Bill Bensley in his studio. Image courtesy of the designer

Find out about the fall 2021 additions to our award-winning children’s books

A treasury of classic tales, a whole art museum and a petal-perfect kids’ colour book top our entertaining, educational and stylish children’s list this autumn

A selection of our children's books, including new additions, including The Ultimate Art Museum (centre, left) Rainbows in Bloom (centre, right) and Tomi Ungerer: A Treasury of 8 Books (top left)

Linda Boronkay By Design

The former fashion model describes how haute couture and family trips to vintage markets informed her interior design sensibility

Linda Boronkay

Take a look at our excellent fall 2021 general interest books

Great gardens, cultural icons, modern manners and feathered friends all feature in our new general interest list this coming season

Our general interest list for fall 2021, which includes (from top left, reading down and across): The Garden Book; pages from The Garden Book; Bird; pages from Bird; The Gardener's Garden; The Talks – No Idea is Final; pages from Modern Manners; Modern Manners; pages from The Talks – No Idea is Final

Paul Smith wins a D&AD award!

The fashion legend’s Julia Hasting-designed Phaidon book is rewarded for its design excellence in this year’s awards

Our winning Paul Smith book designed by Julia Hasting

Get to know our new art & photography books for fall 2021

Incredible fashion photography, winning sports shots, the latest contemporary art and a deep dive into our oceans. Find out more about our new list, and how you can buy limited edition signed copies

A selection of our new art and photography books. From top left, reading across: Two Worlds: Above and Below the Sea ; Match Point; African Artists; a spread from African Artists; Lorna Simpson; a spread from Agnes Martin; Soft Water, Hard Stone; Agnes Martin; Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland

Virgilio Martínez and Pía Léon’s son shares his favourite recipe on Michelle Obama’s TV show

The Netflix show takes a trip to Peru and cooks up a great child-friendly dish, high in the Andes

Pía Léon and her four-year-old son, Cristobal on Waffles + Mochi

JR opens the ground beneath the Eiffel Tower

The French artist and Phaidon author has created yet another incredible trompe l’oeil in his home city

JR beside his new Eiffel Tower installation. Images courtesy of the artist's Instagram

Phaidon book names the 100 best and most creative global interior designers

Our new book, By Design, features 100 individuals and studios working at the forefront of innovation and creativity, all selected by an esteemed, expert panel

By Design: The World’s Best Contemporary Interior Designers

How David Rockwell thinks Covid will change our cities

The architect and designer tells the Associated Press about his vision for a post-pandemic world

DineOut NYC, outdoor dining pavilions, New York, 2020. Photo by Emily Andrews, from Drama

Introducing our new books for fall 2021!

Phaidon’s fall titles cover everything from men's fashion to African art, interior design to beautiful birds. Find out more about our new list, and how you can buy very limited edition signed copies

A selection of books from our Fall 2021 list. From the top left, reading across: African Artists, Atlas of Interior Design; Bird; Peter Marino: The Architecture of Chanel; The Latin American Cookbook; Woman Made; The Kitchen Studio; The Men's Fashion Book; Annie Leibovitz: Wonderland

Paul Smith is shortlisted for a D&AD award

The fashion legend’s Julia Hasting-designed Phaidon book is singled out for its design excellence in this year’s shortlist

Our Paul Smith book

Catherine Opie on surfers, sexuality and caring for one another

In a recent Cornell lecture, the fine art photographer picked out the key themes in her hugely varied body of work

Self-Portrait/Chopping, 2011. Courtesy the artist and Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Lehmann Maupin, New York/Hong Kong/Seoul/London; Thomas Dane Gallery, London and Naples; and Peder Lund, Oslo. Zero to Something (New Zealand) (2011)

Nike harnesses the butterfly effect

How the insect world brought colour to the Air Jordan 3 RTNA - currently on display at Kew Gardens, London

The Nike Air Jordan 3 RTNA. Image courtesy of Nike

The 80's collective still helping to shape our cities

A new exhibition looks at how the work of feminist architecture group Matrix reveals the flaws in a manmade world

Members of Matrix (L-R): Mo Hildenbrand, Sheelagh McManus, Raechel Ferguson. Front (L-R): Janie Grote, Annie-Louise Phiri, Julia Dwyer. Photo by Jenny Burgen. Image courtesy of the Barbican

Adam Pendleton and David Adjaye talk about the freedom and abstraction in their work

The artist and architect discuss politics and mark-making in a new video interview

David Adjaye and Adam Pendleton in their new video interview

Jp McMahon and Matt Orlando talk responsibility, cookery and not striking it rich

The author of The Irish Cookbook talks to the founder chef of AMASS about his recipe for creative success

Jp McMahon and Matt Orlando at Food on The Edge

Diane von Furstenberg on serendipity, Little Island, and Owning It

The designer, philanthropist and Phaidon author is very happy about New York’s magical new public park

Diane von Furstenberg. Photo by Jesse Frohman

The peculiar, and peculiarly tasty, history of Australian-Chinese Cuisine

Ross Dobson, author of Australia: The Cookbook reveals how an 1800s gold rush changed Aussie cuisine forever

Salt and pepper squid, from Australia: The Cookbook

The hidden meanings in The Arabesque Table

Discover how a ballet position expresses Reem Kassis's view of her contemporary Arabian cookery

Reem Kassis. Photograph by Dan Perez

KAWS is now offering balloon rides!

Sign up for a trip in the KAWS:HOLIDAY hot air balloon and you’ll get a certificate, a uniform and a collectable from this brilliantly unconventional contemporary artist

HOLIDAY, 2019, Inflatable, Approx. 130 ft. (40 m) long, Mount Fuji, Japan. Photo @nk7, courtesy AllRightsReserved, Ltd / © KAWS

Jonas Wood breaks auction record at Christie's

The Contemporary Series Artist's Two Tables with Floral Pattern broke its $2 million estimate when it sold for $6.5million at this week's 21st Century Evening Sale

Jonas Wood at work in his studio from Phaidon's Contemporary Artist Series book on the artist

Diane von Furstenberg on books, feminism, and Owning It

The designer, philanthropist and Phaidon author talks to the Women’s Prize for Fiction Podcast about her favourite books

Diane von Furstenberg. Photo by Jesse Frohman

Cooking for Your Kids: child-friendly dishes that will impress the adults too

In our new book, star chefs reveal the recipes that get cries for 'more!' from everyone at the table

Roasted Kelp with Pajarito Cream, by Rodolfo Guzmán.

Catherine Opie is set to light up LA’s billboards

The artist joins The Propeller Group and Pipilotti Rist in a new fine-art initiative for Los Angeles

A rendering of Sunset Spectacular, courtesy of Tom Wiscombe Architecture

The Design Museum celebrates Charlotte Perriand

The London museum’s new show highlights a great modernist overshadowed by her male counterparts

Charlotte Perriand on the chaise longue basculante B306, 1929 © AChP/ © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2021

End Ramadan with these sweet treats!

Try these toothsome recipes from The Arabesque Table for Eid-ul-Fitr

Muhallabiyeh and Hibiscus Rose Tart. Photo by Dan Perez

Nike’s new ad proves it isn’t always about winning

The company’s latest clip underlines its commitment to those who don’t always finish first

A still from Nike's new advertisement, Play New

When KAWS sent his COMPANION into space

Our new book, KAWS: WHAT PARTY, looks at the boundary-defying relationship between the artist and his best-known creation

HOLIDAY SPACE, 2020, Vinyl. Courtesy AllRightsReserved, Ltd / © KAWS