Exploring the Elements is the gift to reengage their love of learning

Our young person’s guide to the Periodic Table is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Exploring the Elements

Art= is the gift to reawaken their love of great works and museum visits

This innovative guide to the Met Museum’s masterpieces is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!


All you need to know about The Fife Arms

Pique your love of travel, art and design with this book about the remarkable interiors of one of the world’s most exquisite hotels

The Fife Arms

How to Be Yourself is the gift that will reset their year ahead

Simon Doonan’s life-changing guide is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

How to Be Yourself

Coveted is the gift to renew their love of the high life

Our jewelry as art overview is guaranteed to make their next year sparkle and is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!


Open Studio is the gift to reinvigorate their artistry

This collection of DIY projects by contemporary artists is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Open Studio

The Garden: Elements and Styles is the gift to regrow their love of green spaces

This compendium comprising hundreds of horticultural masterpieces is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

The Garden

Paul Smith is the gift to relight their love of fashion

This brilliant object-by-object career history is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Our winning Paul Smith book designed by Julia Hasting

Life Meets Art is the gift to rekindle their creativity

Our collection of creative people's private homes is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Life Meets Art

Spirited is a great gift to restart the party

Our global cocktail compendium is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World

Flower is the gift to reseed their love of visual arts

Our fabulous floral survey is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom

Flower is the gift to fill their life with colour again

Our fabulous floral survey is one of our better books for a better year ahead. Give someone you love a copy!

Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom

INTERVIEW: Toby Musgrave on garden artistry, the power of the plastic pot and how to add a lot with just a little

The Garden: Elements and Styles author tells us which parts of the book he's put into practice, and who he thinks is the most influential gardener of all time

Xeriscape Garden. Garden at Tiburon, in the San Francisco Bay area of California, USA, a planting scheme by Arterra Landscape Architects

Sterling Ruby, Fai Khadra and Sotheby’s celebrate our Contemporary Artist Series

The auction house convened a special panel featuring the artist and the collector to discuss the book series' quarter century legacy

From left: Fai Khadra and Sterling Ruby appeared in Sotheby's recent discussion about Phaidon's Contemporary Artist Series

How to host Thanksgiving 2020 socially and safely

From table displays to turkey, tasty cocktails to avoiding family fallouts - our authors have the lowdown on what to do (and what not to do)

Roast turkey from The Silver Spoon Classic

Watch Nigel Cooke describe his new show

The painter guides us through Oceans at Pace Geneva and recalls making his Phaidon Contemporary Artist series book

Nigel Cooke

Something beautiful happens when artists make jewelry

Our new book Coveted looks at a gilded world in which fine art (and the occasional fine artist) meets high end jewelry

Elisabetta Cipriani—Wearable Art, Frank Stella, Ring, 2008. Gold.

The 16th century medina house beloved by a British minimalist

Our new book, The Best of Nest, features an early John Pawson gem, nestling in the heart of the Tunisian capital

Nest 11, Winter 2000-01. Pawson in Tunis. (Living room, private residence, Tunis, Tunisia). Text: John Pawson, Photographs: Christopher Kircherer

Five Spirited Thanksgiving drinks to think about now

Our perfectly presented global guide to cocktails has the upcoming holiday covered (and plenty of others too)

Eggnog, as featured in Spirited

Watch Melanie Grant tell you about Coveted: Art and Innovation in High Jewelry

The author and contemporary jewelry expert visited Christie's in London to talk us through her beautiful new book

Melanie Grant

All you need to know about Exploring the Elements

Our new children’s book bonds hard science with fun facts in its brilliant exploration of the periodic table

Exploring the Elements

INTERVIEW: Spirited photographer Andy Sewell talks cocktails, cables and fine art photography

The master of mixed-drinks photography explains how he created such perfect cocktail imagery for our new book

Negroni - Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World

The NY Times calls Spirited a ‘lavish, gift-worthy stunner’

Cheers! We’re pleased with our beautifully produced, comprehensive guide to cocktails from around the world too


The cabin made from Coca-Cola crates

Our new book, The Best of Nest, proves that when it comes to off-the-wall interiors, you can’t beat the Real Thing

Nest 19, Winter 2002-03. The Workhouse. (Peter’s Coca-Cola house, assembled from plastic Coke crates, Harlem, New York, NY). Photograph: Ejlat Feuer.

Why Magnus Nilsson writes in English but adds just a touch of Swedish

The chef and Phaidon author explains why he loves to keep a few Nordic idiosyncrasies in his books

Faviken's front-of-house manager Hatim and Nilsson in the combined office space and staff dining room, one storey above the guest dining room. All photographs by Erik Olsson

The Brazilian jeweler turning rainforest wood into precious works

Our new book Coveted looks at one contemporary jewelry designer reworking one of the world’s oldest, most humble materials

Silvia Furmanovich, Mushroom Earrings, 2018. 
Diamonds and wood marquetry in gold. Courtesy of Silvia Furmanovich

The postmodern palace fit for a Queen

Our new book, The Best of Nest, showcases the wild side of interior design, including one very well known royal residence

Nest, Summer 2002. Buckingham House After Nash. Text: Pat Kirkham, Photographs: Derry Moore, courtesy The Royal Collection and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, © 2002. Buckingham Palace, London, UK

Jason Rosenfeld praises Cecily Brown’s new show

The art historian and Phaidon author admires the artist’s restless energy as well as her classic influences

Cecily Brown, The Splendid Table, 2019-2020, oil on linen , 3 panels, overall: 105 1/2 x 316 1/2 in. (268 x 803.9 cm); each: 105 1/2 x 105 1/2 in. (268 x 268 cm). Image courtesy of the artist and Paula Cooper Gallery

Snacky Tunes talk us through their new t-shirt line

The guys behind the hit podcast and accompanying book tell us about their new capsule line of clothing


Adam Pendleton on the pandemic, painting and beautiful mistakes

The artist says he's learned how to adapt under lockdown but still keep on raising important questions

Adam Pendleton

Why prehistoric rock and bone might be the latest thing in contemporary jewelry design

Our new book Coveted looks at one New York jeweler reaching far back in time to move the medium forward

Monique Péan, Necklace, 2019. Diamond and pyritized dinosaur bone in recycled platinum. Image courtesy Monique Péan

INTERVIEW: Snacky Tunes on DJing, the rise of the cult chef and why the best food record ever is only 17 seconds long

Darin and Greg Bresnitz, the brothers behind the hit podcast and new Phaidon book, talk us through their climb to the top of the food chain and which culinary masters and recording artist they’ve grown to admire

Greg and Darin Bresnitz, Snacky Tunes hosts and authors

You really must watch our Flower panel talk at the V&A

The expert panel pulled in a wide and varied international audience to hear the chat about our beautiful new book

The holding image for the V&A's Flower panel discussion

The bedroom made from beauty queen memorabilia

Our new book, The Best of Nest, showcases the wild side of interior design, including this Farrah Fawcett superfan’s pad

Nest 1, Fall 1997. Raymond’s Angels (Raymond Donahue, family home, New Jersey, USA). Photograph: Jason Schmidt

Rare colour works by Francesca Woodman revealed in new show

The late, great woman artist, best-known for her black-and-white imagery, also produced some full-colour photos

The LA jeweler pairing wildlife with precious gems

Daniela Villegas brings coyotes, crabs and snakes to life in her jewelry, as our new book Coveted explains

Daniela Villegas, Grannus Ring, 2017. Mexican opal (24.5cts), orange tourmalines, and sapphires in pink gold.

Simon Doonan marks his birthday in style

The writer, TV personality and fashion authority goes for natural presents (rather than unnatural co-worker celebrations)

Simon Doonan's poodle floral display. Image courtesy of Doonan's Instagram

Here's why W Magazine loves our new book, Open Studio

The Condé Nast title appreciates the way our new publication brings big name artists right into your home

Rashid Johnson: Love in Outer Space (Step by Step). Artwork (c) the artist / Photography (c) Casey Kelbaugh

A Robert Mapplethorpe birthday party guestlist

On the 74th anniversary of his birth we take another look at the exquisite portraits of his friends and acquaintances

The jeweler turning rubber and aluminium into prized necklaces

Our new book, Coveted: Art and Innovation in High Jewelry, doesn't only highlight hot rocks and precious metals

John Moore, Verto Necklace, 2015. Diamonds in extruded silicone, gold, and oxidized silver with magnetic clasp. Image courtesy of John Moore

Five Spirited drinks to get you through the election

Whether you're celebrating, drowning your sorrows or just trying to stay sober, there's a great drink in Spirited for you

American Orange Punch

Dave Eggers says Tomi Ungerer’s last children’s book can help us all handle a very (scary) adult world

The writer says Ungerer’s final book is a fitting work for an age of eco collapse and very bad politics

Non Stop

The Flowers fighting hate crimes

Flower describes how one photographer is attempting to cultivate personal growth and wider positivity

Paul Harfleet, ‘Batty!’ Kings Cross, London, 2013, ‘Nice Shoes, Faggot!’ For Alain Brosseau, Alexandra Bridge, Ottawa, 2019, ‘Les pd au bucher!’ Hotel D’Ville, Paris, 2005, ‘Misbegotten Pansies’, Brooklyn Bridge, New York, 2019, from The Pansy Project, 2010–19. Colour photographs, dimensions variable. Courtesy of Paul Harfleet, The Pansy Project

Why is Marina Abramović counting out rice and lentils?

The contemporary artist explains her work in a video with Phillips to accompany our new book Open Studio

Marina Abramović in the new Open Studio video

Watch Michael and Darroch Putnam talk about their latest book

The masterful floral designers talk us through Flower Color Theory (with a little help from some furry friends)

Michael, Darroch and adorable Putnam friends in West Hollywood

25 neat numbers from 25 years of our Contemporary Artist Series

Want to know The number of blacks in Kerry James Marshall’s palette? How many volts Mona Hatoum ran through her early, dangerous works? The number of photos Nigel Cooke has on the walls of his studio? Our CAS books have the answers!

A selection of books from our Contemporary Artist Series

Yoshitomo Nara and Cecily Brown create plates to feed needy New Yorkers

The NYC charity Coalition for the Homeless is working with 50 prominent artists to raise money in new ways this autumn

Yoshitomo Nara's plate for the Coalition for the Homeless

Theaster Gates makes a holy New York debut

The artist’s first solo show in NYC, draws together pottery, tar paintings and a pandemic-focused take on the religious space

Black Vessel at the Gagosian, New York. Artworks by Theaster Gates, photos by Rob McKeever. Image courtesy of Gagosian

25 key events from 25 years of our Contemporary Artist Series

Love, death, political dissent and new masterpieces are all chronicled in our landmark series of monographs

A selection of publications from our Contemporary Artist Series

Watch David Adjaye, Michael Bierut and Spencer Bailey talk about contemporary memorials

The architect, designer and author got together yesterday to discuss all aspects of Bailey's new book, In Memory Of

Spencer Bailey, Michael Bierut and David Adjaye during yesterday's discussion

Sarah Sze on art, life and Covid

Find out why time and space have strangely flipped for our Contemporary Artist Series artist

Sarah Sze

Smart things to say about Signature Dishes: Peach Melba

Served on an ice sculpture and named after a soprano, this dish’s secret is actually its simplicity!

Peach Melba, Auguste Escoffier, Savoy Hotel, United Kingdom c.1893. From Signature Dishes That Matter

KAWS, Adam Pendleton and friends reimagine the I Voted sticker

Postal ballot voters can take pride in wearing these new versions of the classic lapel label

KAWS's I Voted sticker

Michele Robecchi on 25 years of Phaidon's Contemporary Artist Series

Phaidon's Commissioning Editor talks about the series' beginnings, why he always wants the books to 'introduce, celebrate and surprise', and what he's learned from working so closely with artists over the years

Michele Robecchi

25 things we learned from 25 years of our Contemporary Artist Series

Did you know about Wolfgang Tillmans’ short spell in social care, Yayoi Kusama’s Broadway musical, Kerry James Marshall’s brush with Hanna Barbera, Jonas Wood’s highly illegal ingredient, Paul McCarthy’s unlikely Vietnam link and Trevor Paglen’s days as punk club promoter?

A selection of books from our Contemporary Artist Series

25 great quotes from 25 years of our Contemporary Artist Series books

Here's a quarter century of artistic excellence and explanation, in each artist's own words, courtesy of our era-defining list

A selection of publications from our Contemporary Artist Series

The Flowers caught in a design classic

Fake rather than real roses ended up looking pretty inside this masterpiece of 80s furniture design

Shiro Kuramata, Miss Blanche, 1988. Acrylic, artificial roses and anodized aluminium, 92 × 63 × 61 cm / 36¼ × 24¾ × 24¾ in, Private collection. Picture credit: Christie’s Images, London/Scala

Buy art and help Beirut get back on its feet

Denise Maroney of Dear Beirut outlines a special new auction, aiding those made homeless by the recent explosion

Rhea Karam - X (2018)

Secrets from The Garden: There's nothing black and white about a monochrome planting

Our new book, The Garden: Elements and Styles, unpicks the tricksy terms underpinning some of the world’s most beautiful gardens

Monochrome. A planting by Oehme, van Sweden and Associates at the American Museum and Gardens, near Bath, Somerset, England, UK. Open to the public. Photo © Claire Takacs

Magnus Nilsson's Momentous Moments: The day he understood Fäviken couldn’t have survived Covid

The chef knows his restaurant wouldn’t have beaten the pandemic, but he remains optimistic about post-pandemic eating

Magnus Nilsson's fur coat. All photographs by Erik Olsson

Our Snacky Tunes authors hit the (virtual) road

Greg and Darin Bresnitz team up with 8 chefs and their favourite musicians for virtual events this month and next

Greg and Darin Bresnitz, Snacky Tunes hosts and authors

Secrets from the Garden: Today’s wildlife friendly gardens owe a lot to big city parks

This 'natural' planting style might look countrified, but it owes its popularity to urban landscapes

New Perennial Planting. The Piet Oudolf-designed 0.6 hectare (1.5 acre) Oudolf Field Garden at Hauser and Wirth, Bruton, Somerset, England, UK. Open to the public. Photo by Richard Bloom. New perennial planting is characterized by mixed groupings of perennials and ornamental grasses, within which are created repeating patterns of sweeping, intertwined drifts.

Watch Will Cotton make a candy crown

The contemporary artist is one of many who've made videos with Phillips auction house to accompany our new book Open Studio

Want to cook like Lee Tiernan? Here’s the music to help you

The chef shares his Skepta, Stormzy and slowthai musical passions and some (surprisingly vegetarian) culinary ones too in Snacky Tunes

Lee Tiernan's Snacky Tunes playlist

The Flowers that dance to the seasons

Our new book Flower features a brilliant stop-motion work that celebrates the miracle of spring

Flora Starkey, Spring Rites, 2018. Film. Picture credit: A Film by Flora Starkey/Directed by: James Stopforth/Produced by: Stephanie Broom/Flowers by: Flora Starkey/DOP: Louis Tomlinson/Timelapse/Cinematography: Robert Hollingsworth/Sound Design: Will Ward At 19 Sound Edit by: Ben Cooper/Coloured by: Michael Florczak/Production Assistant: Ella Knight@Prettybird

JR’s biggest exhibition ever is opening in London next month

The new show will cover the artist’s entire career, from the streets of Paris to political hotspots across the globe

Kikito and the border patrol, Tecate, Mexico–USA border, 2017. Laurent Segretier, courtesy Galerie Perrotin / artwork © JR

The Flowers that haunted Yayoi Kusama

Our new book Flower features a highly prescient, early portrait of the world-famous Japanese artist

Anonymous, Yayoi Kusama at the Age of Ten in 1939. Photograph, Private collection. © Yayoi Kusama

Magnus Nilsson's Momentous Moments: The day he knew he had to close Fäviken

'When I got home I went straight back to bed and cried. I didn’t understand. It was a kind of sadness that I had never felt before'

Magnus Nilsson. All photographs by Erik Olsson

Marcel Dzama on Goya, Ghosts and his Artspace edition The illumination of the sisters of paradise

The Canadian artist discusses his early life, his experiences during the pandemic, and how they both fed into this beautiful new work

Marcel Dzama with his Artspace edition, The illumination of the sisters of paradise, 2020 - photo Lower East Side Printshop, October 2020

Secrets from The Garden: Don't forget to add some colour!

When it comes to colour, many of the best gardeners set down their plans on paper before digging in the plants

Colour. A garden in the suburban Bay Area, California, USA, designed by Andrea Cochran. Photo by Marion Brenner

Want to cook like Alex Atala? Here’s the music to help you

The chef shares his musical and culinary passions in our new book Snacky Tunes

Alex Atala's Snacky Tunes playlist

Magnus Nilsson's Momentous Moments: The day Magnus realised influence is OK, copying is not!

The words of one hallowed French chef led Nilsson to realise that, in some instances, a re-appropriated recipe idea can be a tribute, rather than a theft

Magnus Nilsson. All photographs by Erik Olsson

Want to cook like Selassie Atadika? Here’s the music to help you

The chef shares her musical and culinary passions in our new book Snacky Tunes

Selassie Atadika's Snacky Tunes Spotify playlist

Magnus Nilsson's Momentous Moments: The day he realised chefs could learn a lot from high fashion

They both command high prices, Nilsson believes haute couture has higher standards and a better work ethic than haute cuisine

Plating Porridge of grains and seeds from Jämtland finished with a lump of salty butter. All photos by Erik Olsson. From Fäviken: 4015 Days, Beginning to End

Simon Doonan shares his Zoom style tips with Page Six

Western shirts and the wise words of Iris Apfel are helping the author and fashion pro through the pandemic

Simon Doonan. Photo by Joe Gaffney

David Netto helps Sotheby’s with its new Phaidon library

To mark the inauguration of a new library at Sotheby’s East Hampton, the interior designer discusses collecting with the auction house

New Phaidon titles on show at Sotheby's. Photograph by Jenny Gorman.

Want to cook like Matt Abergel? Here’s the music to help you

The chef shares his musical and culinary passions in our new book Snacky Tunes

Mat Abegel's new Spotify playlist, and Snacky Tunes

Spirited home bartending on a budget

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to make great mixed drinks, as our book Spirited explains

Home bar tenders can froth your egg white for a Pisco Sour using an immersion blender, says the author of Spirited. All photographs by Andy Sewell

Secrets from The Garden: Wild gardens aren't really that wild

Our new book, The Garden Elements and Styles, traces the trend for unruly planting back to an outspoken critic of Victorian formality

Wild Garden. The Hollister House Garden, Washington, Connecticut, was begun by George Schoellkopf in 1979. Open to the public. © Claire Takacs

9 smart moves Annie Leibovitz has used to shoot great pictures

On her 71st birthday, we share some of the photographer's working practices from Annie Leibovitz At Work

Annie with Nick Rogers, Lazy D Ranch, Houston, Texas, 2008. Picture credit: © Annie Leibovitz. From ‘Annie Leibovitz At Work’

Mocktails have grown up, it’s time to learn how to make them

Our new book Spirited explains how soft drinks can be spectacular when put together with skill and great ingredients

Carrot spritz. A non-alcoholic spritz from the Savannah outpost of The Fat Radish restaurant, which combines the sweet earthiness of fresh-from-the-ground carrots with spicy ginger. All photographs by Andy Sewell

El-P from Run the Jewels tells Snacky Tunes about making music and bagels

The New York rap star looks back fondly on a time when he could only afford one meal per day

Snacky Tunes and El-P. El-P photograph by Daniel Medhurst, courtesy of Run the Jewels

RIBA winner Sir David Adjaye on the future of memorials

Following the announcement that the architect is to receive RIBA’s Royal Gold Medal, British architecture’s highest honour, we share some of his thoughts from our new book In Memory Of: Designing Contemporary Memorials

Sir David Adjaye. Photograph by Chris Schwagga, courtesy of RIBA

Five Spirited winter warmers to try during the colder months

These heated drinks are perfect evening accompaniments to autumnal and winter evenings

Grog. As featured in Spirited. All photographs by Andy Sewell

Putting together an autumn wardrobe? Here's how to truly be yourself

Simon Doonan, the fashion pro, professional contrarian and author of How to Be Yourself advises us all to dig deep and find our own personal style

Young Thug, one of Simon Doonan's examples of good self-expression. From How to Be Yourself

5 things we learned from a short chat with Sir Paul Smith

We just previewed our book Paul Smith in an online chat with the fashion legend. Here are a few things he said

A grab from the online chat

Lizzo keeps her Rihanna book right next to her Grammys!

Vogue just interviewed the singer at her LA home, revealing our great looking book on her display shelves

Lizzo in her LA home with her copy of Phaidon's 
Rihanna book (bottom left). Image courtesy of Vogue's Youtube channel

The Flower that symbolised new life in Ancient Greece

Our new book Flower features an incredible trove of ancient ornaments, proving the reverence for floral forms stretches back millennia

Anonymous, Gold ornaments, c.2300–2100 BC.
Gold, dimensions variable, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. © 2000–2019 The Metropolitan Museum of Art. All rights reserved

Want to cook like Sean Brock? Here’s the music to help you

The chef shares his musical and culinary passions in our new book Snacky Tunes

Snacky Tunes and Sean Brock's new Spotify playlist

Secrets from The Garden: Sometimes the best elements aren't 'real'

Our new book, The Garden, reveals the lengths garden creatives can go to to get the perfect vista

Trompe l’oeil. Schwetzingen Palace, Schloss Mittelbau, Schwetzingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Open to the public. © Claire Takacs. This French term means to deceive or mislead the eye, and in a garden setting a trompe l’oeil effect may be so subtle that it is not readily observed.

The folk art that changed Anni and Josef Albers

Our book Anni & Josef Albers includes an examination of the couple’s love of pre-Columbian art and its influence on them

Tenayuca, Mexico, c. 1937. Photo: Josef Albers. Copyright © 2020 The Josef and Anni Albers F Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/DACS

Secrets from The Garden: You don't have to own the best bit of your garden

Some of the greatest horticulturalists look towards the horizon when reworking the ground beneath their feet, explains our book,The Garden: Elements and Styles

Borrowed Landscape. The garden at Plas Brondanw, Llanfrothen, Gwynedd, in Wales, UK, with a view of Snowdonia. Open to the Public. Picture credit: © Richard Bloom. A borrowed landscape is an element of a garden composition that lies beyond the physical garden confines but which is brought into focus as part of the overall visual experience.

Japan The Cookbook inspires Nancy Singleton Hachisu's menu at new London restaurant

Nordic and Japanese concept store Pantechnicon will host new restaurant Sachi with a menu devised by Hachisu

Pantechnicon on Motcomb Street, 5 minutes walk from Knightsbridge Photography @charliemckay

The Flowers frozen in time

Marc Quinn's high tech Garden of Eden is submerged in 25 tons of frozen silicon

Marc Quinn, Garden, 2000. Cold room, stainless steel, heated glass, refrigerating equipment, mirrors, turf, real plants, acrylic tank, low viscosity silicon oil held at -20°C, 3.2 × 12.7 × 5.4 m / 10 ft 6 in × 41 ft 8 in × 17 ft 10 in, Private collection. Photo Attilio Maranzano. Courtesy Marc Quinn studio and Fondazione Prada

Secrets from The Garden: Spanish colonial gardens aren't actually colonial

The Garden: Elements and Styles untangles the roots of horticultural terminology with beautiful images and crisp text

Spanish Colonial Revival Garden. The Casa del Herrero (House of the Blacksmith), Montecito, near Santa Barbara, California, USA. Open to the public. © Matt Walla By about 1900, the Spanish Colonial Revival or Hispano-Moorish style had appeared. In spite of its name, it did not draw its inspiration from Mexican or Spanish colonial traditions but rather directly from the Spanish Islamic garden

The square paintings that established Anni and Josef Albers

Anni & Josef Albers, examines how a series of repetitive paintings went from object of ridicule to high society status symbol

Josef Albers, Study for Homage to the Square: Impact, 1965. Oil on Masonite. 23 13/16 × 23 13/16 in. (60.5 × 60.5 cm). © 2020 The Josef and Anni Albers Foundation/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York/DACS, London / Photo: Tim Nighswander/Imaging4Art

The Flowers that became street art

Discover how NYC florist Lewis Miller took his stems to the street, in our new book Flower

Lewis Miller Design, Flower Flash, 2018. Floral installation, New York. Photo by Raymond Meier