A red and white accented spread from Flower Color Theory

Putnam & Putnam share a Christmassy, Candy Cane-like display from their new book

The floral designers and Phaidon authors pull out a wonderful red-and-white composition from their 2021 book, Flower Color Theory

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, especially as far as Michael and Darroch Putnam are concerned. The Phaidon authors and world-class floral designers are best known for delivering displays to such famous clients as Beyoncé, Gwyneth Paltrow, Grace Coddington and Martha Stewart.

2020 might not have yielded quite so many celebratory commissions from the pair, but they’ve still found time to launch their own content service, the Putnam Flower Channel, open up their West Coast office, and author their new book, Flower Color Theory.

The follow-up to Darroch and Michael Putnam's acclaimed bestselling debut, Flower Color Guide, Flower Color Theory is the only book that uses color theory as inspiration for flower arrangements.

It isn’t actually due to be published until early next year (though you can pre-order it on Phaidon.com) but the pair have pulled out one particularly festive, red-and-white display from this new book, to share in time for the holidays.


Signed copies of Flower Color Theory are available for pre-order
Signed copies of Flower Color Theory are available for pre-order

The spread in question is from the book’s color accent pages; it features a predominantly white arrangement with red accents, formed from roses, ranunculuses and pampas grass. “Red is an incredibly stimulating color,” the Putnams write in their book. “When used as an accent, especially contrasting white or cool colors, it energizes your composition.”

Meanwhile over on the Instagram post, the fellas say, in a slightly more festive mood, “We call this composition Candy Cane Lane.” To see it in time to inform your Christmas displays take a look at Mikey and Darroch Putnams’ Instagram; to place it among other great, color-coordinated displays, order a copy of Flower Color Theory here.