Snoozebox microhotel

The microhotel housing Olympic staff

Wonder why those security staff are so smiley? They're all getting a good night's rest in a designer microhotel

It seems all those friendly-faced security guards you encounter at the Olympic events have good reason to smile. They're all being housed in a design-led microhotel which goes by the name of Snoozebox. 

Snoozebox is a UK-based design-led portable microhotel company that's converted stackable shipping containers into banks of tiny hotel rooms - between 40 and 400 depending on the venue. Each room boasts its own bathroom, bed, flatscreen TV, personal safe and wireless internet. The banks are self-contained, meaning there's no need to plug them into a power or water source. And as they're made from shipping containers, the hotel can go just about anywhere a truck can. This summer they've been in use at the Queen's jubilee celebrations, the Goodwood Festival of Speed and the Formula One race at Silverstone. It's due on-site at the Edinburgh Festival this week. For more examples of cutting edge green design check out our book Vitamin Green in the store now. 


Snoozebox Microhotel
Snoozebox Microhotel