AtelierFORTE, Huggin & Muninn

Norse mythology inspires zero energy sauna

Italian-Swedish architect’s zero energy sauna borrows elements from folklore

Overlooking the picturesque landscape of Piacenza, Italy, the zero-energy sauna by AtelierFORTE follows the Nordic principle of valuing nature and, as an added extra, takes its inspiration from a famous myth. Italian-Swedish architect Duilio Forte incorporates the Scandinavian tradition of powering his sauna with a wooden stove using locally sourced wood, while its design and name reference Norse mythology.

The sauna is named Huginn & Muninn  - which translates as ‘Thought’ and ‘Memory’ - after two ravens in Norse mythology who belonged to the Norse god Odin. According to legend, Odin sent the ravens to fly over the earth and report back on what they saw. The wooden hut - painted raven black - sits high on stilts and has enough room for two people to enjoy the expansive view. And, presumably, report back on what they see. You can find more of this kind of contemporary sustainable architecture in the new Phaidon book Vitamin Green.

Huggin & Muninn

AtelierFORTE, Huginn & Muninn