A cool taste of the Italian sweet life

With The Italian Bakery, you can easily become an authority on Italian dolci. Try our taster guide to the semifreddo!

Mirror-glazed mango and raspberry hearts, from the semifreddo chapter in The Italian Bakery

JR and Timothée Chalamet have fun in The Frick

The artist and the film star debuted a new performance and installation just before the Met Gala

Timothée Chalamet and JR outside the Frick. All images courtesy of the Frick's Instagram

Essential tools for making Modernist Pizza

Get beneath the crust and into the deep science of pizza making with our new book Modernist Pizza

Wheel cutter. Photo by Nathan Myhrvold / The Cooking Lab, LLC.

How Septime cracked great, ethical seafood

Two young French restaurateurs showed all of Paris that anyone can feel good about enjoying the fruits of the sea

Façade of Clamato at 80 rue de Charonne, adjoining Septime. Photo by Alexandre Guirkinger

Modern Manners and relationships

Our new collection of essays from The Gentlewoman has some neat advice when it comes to making and keeping friends

Pages from Modern Manners

Annie Leibovitz launches Wonderland at Hauser & Wirth

Anna Wintour, A$AP Ferg, Grace Coddington and Gloria Steinem were among the guests celebrating her new book of fashion photographs

Phyllis Posnick, Grace Coddington, Annie Leibovitz and Anna Wintour at Studio 525 in Chelsea

African Artists and Protest

Discover how politics and protest movements have fed into this region’s incredible contemporary art

Mary Sibande, A Reversed Retrogress: Scene 1, 2013.

Kim Colin, the Woman who Made mass-production magnificent

Our new survey of female product designers includes a woman who adds craft and creativity to the production line

Branca Chair, 2010, by Kim Colin of Industrial Facility

Modern Manners and elegance

Our new collection of personal essays drawn from The Gentlewoman magazine includes some little known tips for sartorial success

Pages from Modern Manners

The unusual meat with a familiar taste in the Latin American Cookbook

Ever tried cooking with Peruvian camelid meat? Our new Latin American Cookbook can show you how - and why - you should

Alpaca in Spicy Sauce. Photo by Jimena Agois

The surprising history of pizza

Modernist Pizza might apply the latest science to the pizzaiolos’ role, but it also dishes up deep history too

A pizza in a wood-fired oven. All photographs by Nathan Myhrvold / The Cooking Lab, LLC.

Dorothee Becker, the Woman who Made tidying tasteful

In Woman Made, Jane Hall profiles the mid-century German designer whose shapely organiser still charms design fans to this day

Dorothee Becker's Uten.Silo, 1969

Modern Manners and socialising

Our new book from The Gentlewoman has some smart advice for every social situation

Pages from Modern Manners

How broad shoulders carried men’s fashion through the 80s

The Men’s Fashion Book profiles some of the late 20th century designers who beefed up the male beauty ideal

Gianni Versace. Versace South Beach Stories campaign, 1993. Photograph by Doug Ordway

How Septime took terroir to heart

They might be city boys, but Bertrand Grébaut and Théophile Pourriat, instinctively know that great land leads to great gastronomy

A hiking trail in the forest that starts  
at D’une île, in autumn (fall)

The memorials of 9/11

20 years after the attacks, we look back at the tragedy’s architectural reminders, via our book, In Memory Of

9/11 Memorial and Museum, New York City, New York, USA, Snøhetta and Davis Brody Bond (2014).

Find a new way to enjoy chocolate with Middle Eastern Sweets

Salma Hage's new book has fresh flavours for familiar chocolate choices

Tahini and chocolate date truffles

How jewels put the sparkle into men’s fashion

The Men’s Fashion Book explains how men have learned - or maybe relearned - to love a little bling

Jacob & Co. A$AP Rocky wearing a Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone watch, Miami, 2017. Photograph by Kenneth Lesley.

The sweet bread with a ghoulish story in the Latin American Cookbook

Dishes such as pan de muerto are a sweet but slightly scary reminder of some of the region’s grizzlier rituals . . .

Modern Manners and work

Our new collection of essays from The Gentlewoman includes quite a few timely pieces of advice for the workplace

Pages from Modern Manners

How the past reshaped the future of men’s fashion

You'll find plenty of visionary designers who are reintepreting bygone looks for tomorrow’s collections in The Men’s Fashion Book

Alessandro Michele, overlooking Sullivan Canyon Park, Los Angeles, photographed for Vogue, May 2019. Photograph by Tierney Gearon

The little nut with a big following in The Latin American Cookbook

Our new culinary title explores how the peanut, a true Latin American native, found its place in the region’s cuisine

Plantains with spicy peanut sauce

Hella Jongerius, the Woman who Made pigment popular

Woman Made profiles the contemporary female designer bringing unusual colours and textures to our homes

Hella Jongerius. Polder Sofa, 2005. © Vitra, Photographer Marc Eggimmann

This English House is very much at home in the LA Canyons

Our new Atlas of Interior Design surveys a Beverly Hills dwelling decorated to match its natural habitat

The English House, Harwell Hamilton Harris & Kay Kollar Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California (US), 1950/200

African Artists and the Environment

Our new book shows how brilliantly and acutely artists from Africa have responded to the planet's climate crisis

Untitled #1, 2013, from the series ‘The Prophecy’, by Fabrice Monteiro

The wildlife that sustains Slippurinn

Once upon a time puffins were harvested on his Icelandic island, but these days chef Gísli Matt and his colleagues look upon the birds as old friends

Puffin. From Slippurinn

Cook for your friends, like an artist

Start with this Thai-flavoured pizza party recipe, from Rirkrit Tiravanija, a contemporary master of social practice, featured in The Kitchen Studio

Rirkrit Tiravanija. Thai green curry pizza with Wagyu beef, eggplant (aubergine), mozzarella and Thai basil. Image courtesy/copyright the artist

African Artists and Technology

These are some of the ways in which artists in the African continent have responded to the prizes and pitfalls offered by tech

Eddy Kamuanga Ilunga, Fragile 5, (2018)

Get the icing right, for the Italian sweet life

Decorate your dolci with the perfect frosting courtesy of our new book The Italian Bakery

An image from The Italian Bakery's step-by-step guide to making glacé icing

The Bird that ruled over an ancient civilisation

This Egyptian falcon may have worn red 'trousers' but that wasn't where its royal characteristics stopped. . .

Falcon box with wrapped feathers, 332–30 BC. Painted and gilded wood, linen, resin and feathers, 58.5 × 24.9 × 33.3 cm / 23 × 9 ¾ × 13 in, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

This Upstate retreat will take you right back to nature

Local flora forms part of the structure of mid-century designer Russel Wright's country place

Dragon Rock by Russel Wright & David Leavitt, Garrison, New York (US), 1961

Grete Jalk, the Woman who Made Danish design brilliant (and brilliantly bendy)

Our new book, Woman Made, features the 20th century designer who brought bent wood to everyone

GJ Chair by Grete Jalk

Putnam & Putnam unveil limited edition floral prints

The world renowned floral artists team up with Artspace for their debut editions

The world renowned floral artists team up with Artspace for their debut editions, currently available at Artspace

African Artists and Migration

The migratory experience - ancient or contemporary, voluntary or forced - is a key theme within African art, as our new book shows

Passage 8, 2017, inkjet print on Epson Hot Press Natural, 200 × 150 cm (78 3/4 × 59 in), edition of 6 + 2 AP, collections include: 21c Museum, Louisville, KY. Courtesy Mohau Modisakeng, WHATIFTHEWORLD and Ron Mand.

Enjoy this sweet and heady taste of Italian life

Our new book, The Italian Bakery, works just a touch of alcohol into a few of its cakes and desserts

Chocolate cake with cherries in barolo chinato

How Septime grew to love growing vegetables

These young French restaurateurs were raised in the big city but they’ve cultivated a love of market gardening

D’une île’s kitchen garden in September. Photographs by Alexandre Guirkinger

How workwear shifted men's fashion

Our new book reaches beyond big designers and name brands to look at how cultural and social movements have changed the way men dress

Dickies “Men of Production” advertisement, 1949. As reproduced in The Men's Fashion Book

African Artists and Postcolonialism

Our new book features works that capture the optimism and cultural assertiveness of 20th century independent African nations

Nuit de Noël (Happy Club) (‘Christmas Eve, Happy Club’), 1963, by Malick Sidibé. As featured in African Artists

Make a simple evening meal like an artist

Turn a mid-week dinner into a fine art event, via our new book, The Kitchen Studio (cat not included)

Chicken in the Oven with Sumac and Okra in Tomato Sauce by Keren Cytter

Wake up to a taste of the Italian sweet life

The Italian Bakery, our new book of dolci recipes, includes a good few breakfast specials too

Chocolate Belgian waffles with sour cream. Photography by Haarala Hamilton

The bird that proclaimed ‘peace’ for a designer who spread love

It isn’t just the carrier pigeon that carries messages for mankind. Our new book Bird is filled with avian symbolism

Milton Glaser, Birds, 1965. © Milton Glaser - Permission Estate of Milton Glaser

How Septime uncorked great sauces

Fine, unusual wines aren’t just for drinking at this iconoclastic Parisian restaurant, as our new book explains

Jura winemaker Jean-François ‘Fanfan’ Ganevat drawing off some wine from a barrel. Photographs by Alexandre Guirkinger

African Artists and Religion

With both piety and parody, the works in our new book tackle the organised faiths that have taken root in this continent

The Last Supper, 2014, by Paul Ndema. Courtesy of the Sindika Dokolo Collection

Share summer fruits, like an artist

In The Kitchen Studio, artists share some unconventional, sweet summer recipes with us

Fallen Fruit. How to Make Jam (and Share With Others). Courtesy of Fallen Fruit © David Allen Burns and Austin Young, 2021

The Latin American Cookbook snack fit for a beauty queen

This popular Venezuelan dish pays tribute to the region’s pre-Columbian past and one of its 20th-century triumphs

Curvy Queen Arepas. Photo by Jimena Agois

The bird that caught a fashion photographer’s gaze

Our new book, Bird, features some feathers that wouldn't be out of place on a Milan catwalk

Thomas Lohr, Acryllium vulturinum, from Birds, 2015

Gegia Bronzini, the Woman who Made hand weaving modern

Our new book, Woman Made, tells the tale of the Italian ‘textile diva’ who brought the hand loom into the 20th century

Gegia Bronzini. Striped Fabric 1964. Picture credit: Archivo Privato Gegia Bronzini

The unusual cocktails that make Slippurinn stand out

This remote Icelandic restaurant introduces lots of unique local flavours into its tasty mixed drinks

Arctic thyme. Illustration: Renate Feizaka. Slippurinn mixes this with vodka and pear cider to create one of its distinctive cocktails.

This Brazilian fashion designer’s house shows the true value of a loose fit

French designer Serge Cajfinger’s Bahia home is formed from a delightfully desconstructed arrangement of pavilions

Sand House, Studio MK27 & Serge Cajfinger, Trancoso, Brazil, 2019. Photo Fernando Guerra, Courtesy of Studio MK27

How one street changed the direction of men’s fashion

The Men's Fashion Book takes a leisurely stroll along London’s Savile Row

Patrick Grant, London. Photograph by Scott Schuman. Picture credit: Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

Can you detect Jackie Kennedy’s Francophile style in this interior?

These Presidential private quarters, featured in our new Atlas Of Interior Design, could make you feel as if you’re in Paris. . .

Kennedy private quarters. Sister Parish & Stéphane Boudin; Washington, D.C. (US), 1962

African Artists and war

Conflicts across the continent have shaped all too many of the works in our new survey of African art

Aboudia. Daloa 29, 2011.

The little pies with a lot of history in The Latin American Cookbook

Empanadas can be found in pretty much all of Latin America though their origins lie an ocean away

Potato and Peanut Empanadas. Photo: Jimena Agois

How Septime added taste and beauty to infusions

At this groundbreaking restaurant, the herbal tea-style infusions are made to be gastronomically and visually enticing

A winter infusion, featurinhg limequat, lemon from Menton and fennel. All photographs by Alexandre Guirkinger

The birds that battle for mates

Our new book, Bird, shows the surprising similarities between avian and human behaviour

Elizabeth Boehm, Greater Sage Grouse Fight, 2019

Put a smile on your plate, like an artist

A good many artists have created face-like food works for our new book The Kitchen Studio. Here’s how to recreate them

Jeppe Hein. Today I Feel Like … Meringues! Photos: Studio Jeppe Hein / Jan Strempel. © Jeppe Hein, 2021

Greta Grossman, the Woman who Made Hollywood wake up to Scandi design

Think Scandi cool is a new thing? This Swedish designer turned Sinatra and Garbo onto her functional and elegant interiors

Gräshoppa Floor Lamp, c. 1947 by Greta Grossman

This Bajan beach house will bring a smile to your face

Kit Kemp is seriously good at creating boutique hotels, but she still leaves space to indulge her playful nature, as our new Atlas of Interior Design shows

Rossferry, Kit Kemp, St. James, Barbados, 2015.  Photo by Simon Brown, Courtesy of Firmdale Hotels

Find a new way to start your day with Middle Eastern Sweets

Salma Hage's new book has fresh ingredients and flavours to wake up your breakfast routine

Pistachio Pancakes with Caramelized Apricots. Photography: Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton

The herbal pick-me-up in The Latin American Cookbook

Our new survey of Latin American cookery features yerba maté, a holly bush infusion that has been enjoyed for centuries

Iced yerba maté

Let science guide you towards the Italian sweet life

Our new book The Italian Bakery explains a little of the hard science that underpins sweet, Italian dolci

Banana, Mango, and Mint Charlotte. All images from The Italian Bakery

How Tokyo changed men's fashion

Back in 1964, “young men embraced a distinctive Ivy League–inspired style through natty sack suits, cropped trousers and madras jackets ... but things change!

Yoshikiyo Hirata. Rugged Boss, Kapital Fall/Winter 2017 collection, Marfa, TX. Photograph by Eric Kvatek.

The bird that played its part in an ancient ball game

This Mayan artefact has both sporting and religious significance, explains our new book, Bird: Exploring the Winged World

Hacha, c.AD 600–1000. Stone, 25.4 × 53.3 × 6.35 cm / 10 × 21 × 2 ½ in, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota. The William Hood Dunwoody Fund

Embolden your breakfast table like an artist

Renowned artists share their recipes in our new book, The Kitchen Studio, including this tasty slice of sourdough from Olafur Eliasson that looks a lot like one of his works

Studio Olafur Eliasson. Food Pigments on Studio Sourdough. Photo: Studio Olafur Eliasson

Anna Castelli Ferrieri, the Woman who Made plastic fantastic

This Italian pioneer used high-tech manufacturing techniques to create perfect mid-century masterpieces

The Componibili Modular Storage System by Anna Castelli Ferrieri

Anna Castelli Ferrieri, the Woman who Made plastic fantastic

This Italian pioneer used high-tech manufacturing techniques to create perfect mid-century masterpieces

Anna Castelli Ferrieri. Componibili Modular Storage System, 1967. Picture credit: Kartell US B. 1918, Milan. D. 2006, Milan.

The highly cultured fish dish in the Latin American Cookbook

Think you know ceviche? Think again. Our new book traces the cultural evolution of this deceptively simple recipe and it's a fascinating tale

Street cart ceviche from The Latin American Cookbook

The NYC loft fit for a Wolf

Interior design icon Vicente Wolf’s own home in Manhattan’s Garment District captures a life well lived, as our Atlas of Interior Design explains

How Septime made 'blandness' a thing of beauty

The restaurant set out to destroy the old French dining order using simplicity and restraint

A food and wine pairing, or actually in this case, a food and Japanese sake pairing. At Septime, the drink is a common choice for

African Artists and masks

Our new book demonstrates how the continent’s brightest contemporary artists draw on one of its earliest forms

Bala Na Djolo (2013) by Fatoumata Diabaté

Marianne Brandt, the Woman who Made the Bauhaus metal workshop her own

In Woman Made, Jane Hall tells the stories of female designers who helped create our modern world, including this Bauhaus alumni who proved metalwork wasn’t just for men

Kettle (1925–26) by Marianne Brandt. From Woman Made

This Russian house will take you back to the USSR

The Atlas of Interior Design features a wide range of fine homes, including one that references classic dachas and old-school Soviet era designs

Wood Patchwork House, Peter Kostelov, Konakovsky District, Tver Oblast, Russia, 2009

Find a new way to create summer drinks with Middle Eastern Sweets

Salma Hage's new book has fresh ingredients and flavours to mix with drinks you love

From left: Arabic iced coffee; hibiscus and orange iced tea; limonada; pomegranate and rose cordial

The bird that changed the way we communicate

How the cute and clever Twitter logo helped turn the social media platform into a place to pontificate

Twitter Bird, 2012, by Doug Bowman

Hammer out something sweet (the way an artist would)

World-renowned artists share their recipes via our new book, The Kitchen Studio. Here are two sweet-toothed inclusions with a twist

The Humbova, 2020, by Laura Wilson

The foraged plants that bring flavour to Slippurinn

The chef at this incredible - and incredibly remote - restaurant unearths a wealth of tasty ingredients in an austere environment (though we're still not sure about 'seaweed beard'...)

Seaweed tart with beach herbs and seaweed custard

Enjoy this sweet and simple taste of Italian life

Our new book, The Italian Bakery, gives beginners the tools to make delicious dolci by building up skills with simple recipes

Apricot and vanilla cake

How technology rebooted men's fashion

We trace the influence of digital as told in the many profiles within The Men’s Fashion Book

A model wearing a Jhane Barnes Checkmate stretch woven sweater, Spring 1991

The rare and tasty charcoal-cooked eggs in The Latin American Cookbook

Settlers might have brought chickens to Latin America, but they haven’t supplanted the wild array of native animal eggs used in local cuisines

Charcoal cooked rhea eggs, as featured in the Latin American Cookbook

Find a new way to hang onto summer flavours with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavour and texture to long lasting summer jams with Salma Hage's new book

Rose petal jelly, spiced apricot compote, roasted orange marmalade, and sour cherry jam, from Middle Eastern Sweets

The bird that put the magic into myth

In Bird: Exploring the Winged World we take a look at the mythological creature that spans ancient civilisations and modern presidents

Tile with image of phoenix, late 13th century. Stonepaste with underglaze painted in blue and turquoise and lustre-painted on opaque white ground, 37.5 × 36.2 cm / 14 ¾ × 14 ¼ in. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Cleo Baldon, the Woman who Made pool culture cool and comfortable

Woman Made tells the stories of female designers who helped make our modern world, including this one who created the ideal accompaniment to the pool bar

Counter Stool, c. 1970s, by Cleo Baldon. From Woman Made

African Artists and the photo studio

The enduring influence of posed, studio portraits can be seen in our groundbreaking new book on African art

Je Vais Décoller (‘I’m Going to Take Off’), 1977, printed 2017 by Sory Sanlé

The LA collector’s home that is a pretty fine work in its own right

Our new Atlas of Interior Design features many fine homes, including one that once housed works by Picasso, Giacometti and Matisse

Brody Residence, A. Quincy Jones & William Haines, Los Angeles, California, US, c. 1954. Picture credit: Julius Shulman © J. Paul Getty Trust. Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles

The bird that's judged on its building skills

This reconstruction of a bowerbird’s nest ended up in a gallery. Maybe the distance between art world and avian world isn’t as big as we think

Andy Holden and Peter Holden, Natural Selection, 2018. Mixed media, Temporary installation at Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, UK. Andy Holden/Photograph by Alison Bettles

How Septime made foraging 'a little less foolish'

These young French restaurateurs love to use natural ingredients - just don’t expect to see a lot of ‘hairy herbs’ on the plate

Twilight at D’une île, on the edge of the Bois de Voré in the Parc naturel régional du Perche. Photograph by Alexandre Guirkinger

Join Virgilio Martínez on his journey to discover the soul of Latin American cookery

When the superstar chef gathered recipes from across the continent for his new book he also uncovered some incredible stories along the way

Virgilio Martínez on his incredible Latin American Cookbook journey - photography by Daniel Silva

The birds beloved by cigarette card collectors

Cigarette cards were originally intended to protect a buyer’s smokes from bending, but these adorable avian ones quickly found favour among collectors

Birds of the Tropics, 1889 Chromolithograph cigarette cards, issued by Allen & Ginter. From Bird

African Artists and sexuality

Pioneering Queer artists are among those offering insights into contemporary life in the African continent in our groundbreaking new book

Iduku, 2011, from the series 'Black Men in Dress', by Sabelo Mlangeni

Aino Aalto, the Woman who Made beautiful glassware we can all enjoy

In Woman Made, Jane Hall tells the stories of female designers who helped create our modern world, including this Finnish architect and businesswoman

The fishermen that saved Slippurinn

You might not think sourcing fish on an Icelandic island would be a particularly hard challenge – but you’d be wrong

Chef Gísli Matt (bottom right) inspects the fish being loaded into Slippurinn

The smart chemistry in the Latin American Cookbook

There is one ancient, yet effective, preparation technique that opens up a world of culinary opportunities, Virgilio Martínez's new book reveals

Corn, or maize, as featured in The Latin American Cookbook

The Women who Made contemporary furniture, while drawing on traditional designs

In our new book Women Made: Great Women Designers, Jane Hall profiles the innovative individuals unafraid of embracing the traditional and vernacular

Hizz Rocking Chair, 2016, by Mentalla Said and Jumana Taha. From Woman Made

When music shook, rattled and rolled men’s fashion

By ditching formality and embracing rebellious androgyny, rock stars helped change the way men dress forever

Elvis Presley, 1956, as featured in The Men's Fashion Book

This is how you can mix drinks like an artist

World-renowned artists offer up a bar load of tasty cocktail recipes in our new book The Kitchen Studio

Ponche a Crème by Zak Ové

The Swiss home that is just so Seventies

Designer Verner Panton’s own home on the outskirts of Basel was a symphony of modern and mid-century styles

Panton House by Verner Panton, Binningen, Switzerland, 1972. As reproduced in our new Atlas of Interior Design

Find a new way to make guilt-free treats with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavour and texture to your snacks with this low-fat sweet treat from Salma Hage's new book

Fruit leather, as featured in Middle Eastern Sweets

The bird that flew to The Moon

Our new book, Bird: Exploring the Winged World, includes the Apollo 11 mission badge, with an uncharacteristically peaceful bald eagle

The Official Emblem of Apollo 11, 1969, by Neil Armstrong, Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin and Michael Collins. Embroidery, Diam. 10.4 cm / 4 in NASA

Find a new way to impress your guests, with Middle Eastern Sweets

Add fresh flavour and texture to a show-stopping ice cream recipe via food world legend Salma Hage's new book

Stretchy Ice Cream, or booza. Photography by Liz and Max Haarala Hamilton

The perfect setting for perfect books

These images, taken in an award-winning contemporary Californian house, show how well our publications complete a room

Phaidon books at The California House by Gluck+. Photography: Paul Vu/Here and Now Agency (@hereandnowagency);Styling: Dorothea Coelho Interiors (@dorotheacoelho); Architecture: Gluck+ @gluck_plus