You know you're an architecture student when. . .

…you’re measuring the school’s step height for reference, and a guy walks by saying “18.5 cm”

There are hundreds of architecture blogs and tumblrs out there but the one that’s put the biggest smile on our face today is archistudent, run by two students from the National University in Singapore and in particular its knowing and sharply observed UGC series: You know you’re an architecture student when… We repost some of our favourites from it here.

You know you’re an architecture student when . . .

…you’re measuring the school’s step height for reference, and a guy walks by saying “18.5 cm”.

….you procrastinate by building a blanket fort (complete with how to video). use your X-acto to open your snacks.

…you’re on first-name basis with famous architects, EG: Corbusier, Mies, Tadao, Zaha.

…your friends and family always ask you for bits of wood, cardboard or random craft materials and you have them neatly sorted by type and size in your cupboard.

…people ask you for glue and you ask, “What type?”

…you know, off the top of your head, the dimensions of an A1 sheet.

…it’s perfectly normal to be in possession of more than four rulers.

…there are no people in your travel photos.

…you make buildings out of the order slips at dinner.

…you get distracted by the beautiful interior of the building you are in during an exam and find yourself looking at the ceilings during reading time.

…you always ask “AM or PM” when people tell you about time.“I’m going to finish this model by 5” “AM or PM?” “I’m so glad I got to sleep at 4 yesterday.” “AM or PM?”

…you visit an art museum and take pictures of the building.

And quite possibly our current favourite: OMFG they ruined Grand Central station in The Avengers. Blasphemy!

There are plenty more. Check them out. And if you’re interested in cutting edge architecture these are the books you should be looking to buy.