The Sportsman’s winning ingredients: History

How times past and historical techniques enabled Stephen Harris to turn a grotty pub into a team GB champion

A local oyster producer, as featured in The Sportsman. All photographs by Toby Glanville

Massimo Bottura and Mario Batali create kitchen alchemy

Trash-bound ingredients take on a whole new life in the Skinny Italian chef's Bread is Gold book

Mario Batali and Massimo Bottura in Bread is Gold

JJ PEET - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

JJ PEET - photo by Danny Peet

Why Yayoi Kusama wrote to Richard Nixon

'I will lovingly, soothingly, adorn your hard masculine body,' she wrote as she invited him to an orgy

Yayoi Kusama's 1968 letter to Richard Nixon

Will we all be eating Blade Runner-style insects soon?

The new film predicts a future of insect grub protein farms - did they get that from our book On Eating Insects?

Ryan Gosling chows down on some tasty protein in Blade Runner 2049

How Annie Leibovitz captured Kim and Kanye's selfie side

In Portraits 2005–2016, Annie Leibovitz offers us a clear look into the lives of two huge social media stars

Kim Kardashian, North West, and Kanye West, Los Angeles, 2014. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz. Picture credit: © Annie Leibovitz

How we got Impressionism's first show into The Art Museum

It closed over 140 years ago but our new museum-in-a-book restages this seminal Parisian painting show

Impression, Sunrise (1872) by Claude Monet, as reproduced in The Art Museum

Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho on their Frieze Project

Why a strange settlement in the no man’s land between North and South Korea has found a new home at Frieze

Freedom Village Arena, single-channel video (2017) by Moon Kyungwon and Jeon Joonho

The Artist Project: Jeff Koons on Roman sculpture

Here’s why America’s leading contemporary artist spends so much time among the Met Museum’s sculptures

Jeff Koons photographed at The Met for our new book The Artist Project

How Barber Osgerby made their Sony exhibition

Was this British design duo’s sonic take on interior design a little too progressive for the Japanese giant?

Near-field speaker with stool and prototype television in an anechoic chamber, Sony exhibition, Salone del Mobile, Milan, Italy, 2010. All images from our new book Barber Osgerby, Projects

SPIT! talk us through their Frieze Project

The US collective look back at queer manifestos for a new series of works addressing today's struggles

Carlos Maria Romero and Despina Zacharopoulou during a SPIT! Manifesto rehearsal in London, May 2017. Courtesy of the artists and Frieze Projects

How Georges Méliès saw the night sky

Here’s how the pioneering French filmmaker's 1902 sci-fi classic influenced the way we view the moon

Film still from A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans le lune) (1902) by Georges Méliès, as reproduced in Universe

Alexandre de Betak wows Paris

Our author and runway legend took fashion fans to heaven (and Anna Wintour and Mario Testino to dinner) last night

Alexandre de Betak signing copies of Betak: Fashion Show Revolution at Colette in Paris - photo by Hélène Gallois Montbrun

Takuro Kuwata - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

Takuro Kuwata - photo by Koho Kotake

Georgina Starr talks us through her Frieze Project

Why has the artist brought in two experimental vocalists and "a magic table" for a reading from her new novel?

The History of Sculpture (Tricolour), c-print (2012) by Georgina Starr. All images courtesy of the artist

Colette goes crazy for Betak!

Fashion boutique draws inspiration from catwalk's backstage area for new Alexandre de Betak collection

Colette's new Betak collection. Image courtesy of Colette

Enrique Olvera gets Global Gastronomy Award

The Mexican chef was honoured at a gala reception at the Swedish Consul General’s house in New York this week

Enrique Olvera at the New York awards ceremony

Meals that made America great – Hot German Potato Salad

How food from around the world found a welcome home in the US - as featured in America The Cookbook

Hot German Potato Salad, as featured in America The Coobook

Marc Bauer talks us through his 2017 Frieze Project

The artist explains why he has brought a little bit of Peckham, South London, to the entrance of this year’s fair

A work from Marc Bauer's 2017 Frieze Project. All images courtesy of the artist

Massimo Bottura and René Redzepi create kitchen alchemy

Trash-bound ingredients take on a whole new life in The Skinny Italian chef's Bread is Gold book

René Redzepi and Massimo Bottura at Refettorio Ambrosiano, as reproduced in Bread is Gold. Photo by Emanuele Colombo

Who knew Paul Klee did erotica?

The Swiss artist only used a few abstract forms to effectively suggest the act of lovemaking in this drawing

Lovers (1920) by Paul Klee, as reproduced in The Art of the Erotic

Jesse Wine - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

Jesse Wine - image courtesy the artist; Mary Mary, Glasgow

No one did buttons like Yves Saint Laurent

Here’s why the designer saw a simple fastening as an opportunity to create 'a woman’s daytime jewellery'

Man’s fedora, faceted wooden earrings, leather belt with a buckle of ebony, worn with a day outfit with Macassar wood buttons, Autumn/Winter 1989 haute couture collection.

How NASA saw the night sky

The Saturn probe sent back some truly awesome images packed with real scientific insight

Radio Occultation: Unravelling Saturn’s rings 2005, image courtesy of Nasa, JPL

Lucy Orta talks us through her 2017 Frieze Project

Artist and Phaidon author on her plans to distribute Antarctica World Passports at the London art fair

Antarctica Flag, (2007) by Lucy + Jorge Orta. All images courtesy of the artists

Discover Santiago with Boragó’s Rodolfo Guzmán

Can’t get to Chile? Then enjoy the second of our series of trips there, via this great chef's debut cookbook

Santiago, Chile. Photo by Cristóbal Palma, from Boragó

Theaster Gates uses sculpture prize to fund literary venture

The Chicago artist plans to spend his $100,000 2018 Nasher Prize money on an antique mechanical printing press

Theaster Gates - image courtesy Theaster Gates Studio

Clare Twomey - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

Clare Twomey photo by Trent McMinn

The Artist Project: Swoon on Honoré Daumier

The contemporary artist explains why the 19th century caricaturist still offers 'something beautiful (and difficult)'

The contemporary artist known as Swoon - as featured in The Artist Project What Artists See When They Look At Art

Martin Parr opens his own photography foundation

The photographer funded his new British photography foundation - by selling his library to the Tate

Teddy Gray's, confectionary manufacturer, Dudley, The Black Country, England, UK, 2010. From the series ‘Black Country Stories’. © Martin Parr / Magnum Photos

Stephen Harris - 'Adding a lemon is like turning up the treble!'

The chef behind The Sportsman made some fun punk analogies at the book's launch in London last night

Stephen Harris with Andrew Pern of the Star Inn at Harome and James Mackenzie of The Pipe And Glass, Beverley at the launch of The Sportsman at Noble Rot

How we relocated Easter Island to The Art Museum

The statues cannot be moved anymore but you can see them all in our impossibly good museum-in-a-book

Sahej Rahal - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

Sahej Rohal photographed by Reece Straw

5 shows that transformed fashion: Betak and Dior 2015

How the fashion show pioneer Alexandre de Betak sprinkled fake snow over Raf Simons' Blade Runner collection

Dior's Fall ‘15 show in Tokyo. As reproduced in Betak: Fashion Revolution

From Book to Bid – Steve McCurry’s India

A set of 20 McCurry India prints goes up for auction next month. But if you can't bid here's something to consider. . .

Steve McCurry, Steam train passes in front of the Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, 1983. All images taken from India by Steve McCurry

How Galileo saw the night sky

Here's how the astronomer's sketches changed our view of the moon and undermined the Catholic Church

Detail from the moon, 1609, by Galileo Galilei. As reproduced in Universe

The Sportsman’s winning ingredients: Sea Salt

How saline waters around the Sportsman enabled Stephen Harris to turn a grotty pub into a team GB champion

Chef Stephen Harris collects ingredients along the coastline beside The Sportsman. Photo: Toby Glanville

Take a look at these beautiful black buildings

Met Museum and LACMA's Stella Paul deconstructs architecture’s dark side in our new book Black

Black Desert, Yucca Valley, California, USA, 2014, Oller & Pejic. From Black: Architecture in Monochrome

The Artist Project: George Condo on Claude Monet

The artist explains why the 'ugliest combinations of colours' he's ever seen makes for an exquisite experience

George Condo

Happy birthday Tadao Ando!

As he turns 76 take a look at one of his most beautiful, best-loved buildings, Church of the Light

Tadao Ando, Church of the Light, Ibaraki, Osaka, Japan, 1989, Photograph © Copyright Richard Pare

Discover the Andes with Boragó’s Rodolfo Guzmán

Can’t get to Chile? Then enjoy our series of mini trips to this beautiful country, courtesy of a great chef

Mushrooms ageing at 11,500 feet (3500m) in the Andes as featured in Boragó

Sterling Ruby - Why I Create

Exploring the inspirations and attitudes of artists working with clay and ceramic, featured in Vitamin C

Sterling Ruby

When Yayoi Kusama met Damien Hirst

She propositioned Nixon, held a gay wedding (and created cool art) so what happened when she met the YBA?

Yayoi Kusama with Dots Obsession Night, Tokyo, 2008. © Yayoi Kusama

Massimo Bottura and Alex Atala create kitchen alchemy

Trash-bound ingredients take on a whole new life in The Skinny Italian chef's Bread is Gold book

Chicken on sticks with soy sauce and popcorn, as reproduced in Bread is Gold

How Barber Osgerby made their Tip Ton chair

Though they made it for a secondary school, this chair is so impressive the Royal College of Art bought a set

Tip Ton, Vitra, 2010 by Barber and Osgerby

When David Rockefeller met Ward Bennett

The designer feared he was a 'stuffy Ivy Leaguer' - but the Chase Manhhatten boss put his work in MoMA

David Rockefeller and Ward Bennett

Paul Smith loves our new Barber Osgerby book!

And you will too! We celebrated its launch last night at Sir Paul's No.9 Albemarle Street store in Mayfair

Sir Paul Smith (left) with Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby (right) photo Bonnie Beadle

Steve McCurry 'It's been an incredible run'

In this short video, the Magnum photographer reflects on a career spent ‘on the frontline of history’

Steve McCurry

How we relocated the Lascaux caves to The Art Museum

They've been closed since the Sixties but now you can visit them in our impossibly good museum-in-a-book

The Lascaux Caves, as featured in The Art Museum

Meals that made America great - Korean Pancakes

How food from around the world found a welcome home in the US - as featured in America The Cookbook

Korean Pancakes from America The Cookbook

Who knew Anselm Kiefer did erotica?

The great German painter mixed ancient sex myths with sensual female nudity in this watercolour

Lilith am Roten Meer (2012) by Anselm Kiefer. As reproduced in The Art of the Erotic

How Barber Osgerby made their Loop Table

Brutalist architecture, a boat and an expert plywood bender all fed into the pair's breakthrough design

The Loop Table, 1996 by Barber and Osgerby for Isokon Plus

No one did De Stijl like Yves Saint Laurent

How the designer took one of the most minimal arts styles, added accessories - and made it more chic!

Black diamanté and white pearl earrings (made by Scemama), clip-on topaz and red and green diamanté star ornament (made by Scemama), worn with Piet Mondrian-inspired cocktail dresses, Autumn/Winter 1965 haute couture collection, Vogue (US), September 1965 (photographs by Irving Penn from our book YSL Accessories)

Massimo Bottura and Daniel Humm create kitchen alchemy

Trash-bound ingredients take on a whole new life in The Skinny Italian chef's Bread is Gold book

Daniel Humm and Massimo Bottura, as featured in Bread is Gold

The Sportsman’s winning ingredients: A punk rock attitude

How punk musician turned award winning chef Stephen Harris turned a grotty pub into a true team GB champion

Stephen Harris. Photo by Toby Glanville

How Georgia O'Keeffe saw the night sky

Here's why Georgia O’Keeffe imposed a little human order on the heavens in her painting Starlight Night

Starlight Night (1963) by Georgia O'Keeffe. As reproduced in Universe

For sale: an audacious rendition of a Frank Lloyd Wright

There may be cheaper ways of owning a Frank Lloyd Wright but few that will satisfy your inner Bond like this

Massaro House, Petra Island

Looking back at NY’s leading African-American art museum

A new show at The Carnegie Museum of Art showcases works from the Studio Museum in Harlem

Noah Davis, “Black Wall Street,” 2008, Oil and acrylic on canvas, The Studio Museum in Harlem, gift of David Hoberman, 2014.17.2, Photo: Adam Reich

Massimo goes head-to-head with the world’s greatest sushi chef

The skinny Italian chef and Phaidon author will cook alongside 91-year-old sushi master Jiro Ono in November

Massimo posted (Japanese) details of the event on his Instagram

It’s the Gutenberg Bible’s birthday

Born from wine presses 561 years ago, Gutenberg's first major publication changed the world forever - here's how

the Gutenberg Bible, as reproduced in Graphic

Steve McCurry ‘You need to be in the conversation’

'I try to show people what life is like,' says Magnum and Phaidon photographer in our insightful video clip

Steve McCurry. Portrait by Bruno Barbey

Selldorf and Diller’s rival plans for UK's national treasure

Diller, Scofidio + Renfro and Selldorf Architects have unveiled two very different visions for a UK stately home

One of Selldorf Architects' renderings for Clandon Park. All images courtesy of Malcolm Reading Consultants

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech takes shape

The city that the designer took as his second home will house a sleek, red-brick museum dedicated to his work

Musée Yves Saint Laurent Marrakech. Image courtesy of Studio KO

Why Mark Bradford thinks the Robert E Lee statue should stay

The artist says if the conversation is about the history of the US then you have to talk about that history

Mark Bradford. Portrait courtesy of The MacArthur Foundation

Have you seen Jean Jullien’s iPhone stickers for Vogue?

The French-born illustrator and author has created these cute iMessage images for Vogue’s app users

Some of Jean Jullien's iMessage stickers for Vogue

Steve McCurry 'You have to follow your passion'

"We need to get involved in situations that give purpose to our life," the photographer says in this Phaidon video

Photographer Steve McCurry

We're looking forward to the eclipse!

In the US on Monday there will be a total solar eclipse. This is how one photographer captured the 2008 one

Detailed View of a Solar Eclipse Corona, 2008, Miloslav Druckmüller. Picture credit: Miloslav Druckmüller, Martin Dietzel, Peter Aniol, Vojtech Rušin, image processing by Miroslav Druckmüller from Universe

Your chance to be a ceramic artist courtesy of The Tate

Clare Twomey opens a fascinating installation at Tate Modern next month - and you can take part

Steve McCurry 'It's the journey not the destination'

And how right he is! Watch Steve capturing one of his most iconic shots in this previously unseen Phaidon video

Steve McCurry

Ten Questions for Wolfgang Tillmans

On his 49th birthday here's another chance to read an interview we did to coincide with his latest Phaidon book

Self Portrait (2013) by Wolfgang Tillmans

A Movement in a Moment: The International Style

Discover how a 1932 MoMA exhibition helped introduce the entire world to the joys of modern architecture

The Farnsworth House, 1945-51 by Mies van der Rohe, from our Mies book

The amazing story behind this stolen Willem de Kooning

Woman-Ochre found on the wall of a New Mexico couple's bedroom where it had hung for the last 32 years

The recovered Willem de Kooning painting Woman-Ochre, held by University of Arizona Museum of Art staff (Photo: Courtesy of the University of Arizona)

Yayoi Kusama gets her own museum

Tokyo structure that began taking shape in 2014 is at last revealed to be a shrine to the octogenarian's work

The Yayoi Kusama Museum - photo by Masahiro Tsuchido ©YAYOI KUSAMA

Annie Leibovitz shoots Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue

The photographer shot the highest paid actress in the world for the cover of the 125th anniversary September issue

Jennifer Lawrence shot by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue's September 2017 issue

Random International release a drone swarm

The makers of the worldwide hit Rain Room return with another interactive artwork in London

Zoological by Random International. Image courtesy of Random International

Massimo Bottura on meeting Michael Schumacher

He may love Maserati now but he still has a soft spot for the rubber burning Ferrari drivers of his youth

Massimo Bottura in a Maserati at the Geneva motor show. Image courtesy of Maserati

Why is Mary Beard planning a fake Bronze show for Frieze?

Hauser & Wirth has teamed-up with the classicist for a faux show placing Paul McCarthy beside real artefacts

Bronze Age Dipper Cup, c. 800 BC, National Museum, Copenhagen. From 30,000 Years of Art

Pentagram does Shake Shack's new locavore logo

Danny Meyer calls on his friend designer Paula Scher to rework her Shake Shack magic

Paula Scher's new lower-case 'g' logo for Tender Greens. All images courtesy of Pentagram and Tender Greens

When Pablo Picasso made textiles

As art prices spiral could textiles forge a way into collecting? A forthcoming exhibition takes a look

Congres Des Peuples Pour La Paix, Vienna (1952) by Pablo Picasso. All images from Styled by Design: Post War Textile Visionaries of Modern Art

Peter Chadwick’s beautiful Brutalist car parks

Though some are threatened by the wrecking ball - in the designer's posters these concrete beauties live on

Peter Chadwick's Tricorn Centre, Trinity Square car park and Wellbeck Street car park posters

Edmund de Waal is working on a Wayne McGregor ballet

The ceramicist and Phaidon author is designing a new production based on Leonard Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms

Edmund de Waal at the Frieze art fair, London, 2016

Why ceramics are so this season!

From the windows of Fifth Avenue to the side projects of Hollywood’s elite, clay is making a comeback

Bergdorf Goodman's ceramics window display. Image courtesy of the store's Instagram

The killer in your cat's eyes

The one part of the human body that gave Darwin a 'cold shudder' still supports his theory of evolution

A domestic cat's eyes, photographed by Robert Clark. As reproduced in Evolution: A Visual Record

Charles and Di, Prince William and North Korea

How did the Duke of Cambridge end up on a series of North Korean stamps? Our new book explains

North Korean commemorative stamp sets featuring the British Royal Family. As featured in Made in North Korea

Could this bendy skyscraper take shape in New York?

Can Manhattanites bear another super-scraper? Architects Oiio think so if the idea is original enough

The Big Bend, Manhattan proposal - Oiio

Massimo Bottura and his brigade just broke for the summer

Here’s how the world-famous chef and his Osteria Francescana staff wished each other buone vacanze!

Massimo and his Osteria Francescana crew break for the summer. Image courtesy of Massimo's Instagram

What to expect from the Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Fashion designer’s incredible archive to be put on display in the building where he created his best-known pieces

Sheet of designs for the Spring/Summer 1970 haute couture collection, incorporating a series of buttoned day suits. Picture credit: © Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, Paris/All Rights Reserved

Snarkitecture are going to build COS a giant marble run

New work inspired by the clothing brand’s autumn collection opens in South Korea this coming November

A rendering for Snarkitecture's COS installation. Images courtesy of COS and Snarkitecture

Have you actually seen Cindy Sherman’s Instagram?

The US fine-art photographer just switched off her privacy settings, and boy, is there a lot to see!

An image from Cindy Sherman's Instagram account, _cindysherman_

Jean Jullien brands the Connaught’s new restaurant

The Phaidon author drew some beautiful goofy new pictures for the smart but informal new dining destination

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s decisive legacy

Here’s how the surrealist turned photojournalist created the most important photobook of the 20th century

A spread from Henri Cartier-Bresson's The Decisive Moment, as reproduced in Magnum Photobook: The Catalogue Raisonné

Was Arthur Dove America’s first great abstract artist?

Why this artist and part-time chicken farmer is the missing link between Cézanne, Rauschenberg and Frank Stella

That Red One (1944) by Arthur Dove. As reproduced in Modern Art in America 1908 - 1968

JR takes to the high seas!

The French artist's image will grace the sails of this yacht when it races from France to Brazil this autumn

The Vivo a beira yacht with JR's image on its sails. Photograph by Benoit Stichelbaut

5 key points for the Tate’s new Bruce Nauman show

Tate Modern’s Nauman exhibition has just opened. Here’s a handful of things to think about when you visit

Self-portrait as a Fountain (1966) by Bruce Nauman

Sterling Ruby reworks the Calvin Klein flagship store

Ruby’s new Madison Avenue installation serves to herald the arrival of his friend Raf Simons’ Fall 2017 collection

Sterling Ruby's new installation at Calvin Klein's Madison Avenue store. All images courtesy of Calvin Klein's Instagram

Liz Diller on the successes, flaws and laws of the High Line

The US architect says everyone in her profession should consider the unwanted effects of outrageous success

The High Line, New York

What your fridge has in common with this Jean Dubuffet show

On the anniversary of the French artist's birth, we look forward to a new exhibition of his Théâtres de Mémoire works

Site avec auto, November 12, 1979, by Jean Dubuffet.
All images © ADAGP, Paris and DACS, London 2017, courtesy of Pace Gallery, London, in relation to Jean Dubuffet: Theatres of memory, September 13 – October 21 2017

What Millais thought of Beatrix Potter

On the 151st anniversary of her birth, we look back at Potter's art and the admiration it drew from one Pre-Raphaelite

JR gives Cara Delevingne a late-night French rooftop tour

The artist and activist joined the movie star high above the streets following her movie’s French premier

Cara Delevingne by JR. Image courtesy of Cara Delevingne's Instagram

Does Raf Simons’ new campaign echo this Stephen Shore shot?

Simons’ new Calvin Klein campaign is shot on a road not dissimilar to the one Shore photographed 44 years ago

Stephen Shore, U.S. 97 (21 July, 1973), South of Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA. From Stephen Shore: A Road Trip Journal