Giorgio Locatelli, Massimo Bottura, Francesco Mazzei, and Robert Chambers at Refettorio Felix, London. Image courtesy of Massimo's Instagram

Massimo brings in new faces to combat London's food waste

The chef cooked up some surprising treats, and dreamed of a time when drones might serve food to the needy

Chef and food activist Massimo Bottura was in London yesterday, helping his haute-cuisine soup kitchen Refettorio Felix, turn unwanted food into healthy meals for the poor. Last night's event was sponsored by the high-end household appliance firm Grundig, for whom Bottura acts as a brand ambassador, and was staged in part to highlight the amount of food wasted in the UK.

Massimo was joined by fellow culinary pioneers Giorgio Locatelli; Francesco Mazzei, chef patron at Sartoria in Mayfair; and the bright young chef Robert Chambers of London's Luca restaurant.

And Rob wasn't the only new blood in the room; Massimo added some pig's blood to the evening's arancini, before turning a box of overripe avocados into a delicious ice cream.


Bread is Gold
Bread is Gold

That might all sound pretty forward thinking, yet Bottura has other, equally challenging ideas to combat food waste. ‘You could have drones taking surplus meals from restaurants and delivering them to those in need," he told Forbes recently. "It’s a futuristic meals on wheels."

Keep an eye on the sky, food lovers; and for more down-to-earth solutions to food waste, order a copy of Massimo's book Bread is Gold.