Zach Ertz (centre) of the Philadelphia Eagles after scoring the game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl LII (Brian Allen/VOA)

Massimo Bottura is looking to open a refettorio in Philadelphia - and he wants the Super Bowl-winning Eagles to help him

Can the Super Bowl champions help our Skinny Italian Chef score a winning touchdown in America?

Having won the 2018 Super Bowl, could The Philadelphia Eagles also help alleviate food poverty in their city? That’s certainly the aspiration of the Italian star chef, Phaidon author and philanthropist, Massimo Bottura.

He tells the Identità Golose food mag website that he would like to set up a new refettorio in Philadelphia. These restaurants, which Bottura has already established in Milan, Rio, London and Paris, take unwanted food waste, turning it into vital, healthy, free meals for the poor.

Why Philly? Well, Bottura explains that he recently had dinner with the Eagles’ president Don Smolenski and felt that his team – alongside the city’s basketball team The Philadelphia 76ers – could serve as the vital ‘social sparks’ needed for him to get these projects going.


Bread is Gold
Bread is Gold

Let’s hope Don and Massimo can advance this one into the end zone. For more on Massimo's extraordinary meals with ordinary ingredients, order a copy of Bread is Gold here.