Massimo and St John's Fergus Henderson in London. Image courtesy of Massimo's Instagram

Massimo Bottura is baking bones on CNN tonight

The chef and Phaidon author travels to London to take part in the channel's gastronomy show, Culinary Journeys

Massimo Bottura is widely credited as the chef who reinvented Italian cuisine. At his Michelin-starred restaurant Osteria Francescana, in Modena, he has taken local ingredients, added elBulli-style techniques, and, with a little fine-art flourish, created the kind of menu that has more in common with Maurzio Cattelan than Michelangelo.

Despite this, Bottura travels a huge amount. His wife is American, and, during his recent book tour for our title, Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef, he criss-crossed the globe.

Now CNN's viewers can learn how these journeys can inform his cooking. Bottura features in the channel's show Culinary Journeys which screens tonight in most territories (check the schedule here).

In the programme, Bottura travels to London, to visit Fergus Henderson's restaurant, St John. Founded by Henderson two decades ago, St John pioneered nose-to-tail cooking, a holistic approach to meat eating that ensures every part of the animal makes it onto the plate.


Bottura CNN

On screen, Bottura works with one of St John's signature ingredients, bone marrow. Anyone interested in British or Italian culinary developments should try to catch the programme, since it offers both insight into St John's success, and Bottura's talent for both learning from and sharing his insights with others.

For more, go here. For a greater insight into this important culinary pioneer, buy a copy of Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef here; and for more on great chefs' favourite restaurants around the globe, get a copy of Where Chefs Eat.