Elton John and Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei makes Valentine's Day video for Elton John

What is in Ai Weiwei's blood? screens in Times Square, Piccadilly Circus and Independence Square tonight

Ai Weiwei has made a video for Elton John's Aids Foundation. The Valentine's Day themed promo will run on screens in Times Square, New York tonight alongside work by Tracey Emin and in Picadilly Circus in central London and in Independence Square, Kiev, Ukraine. There are two versions of the video - one 30 seconds, the other a minute long. You can watch the longer one below. 

In November Elton John drew the ire of the Chinese Government when he dedicated a concert in Beiijing to "the spirit and talent" of the dissident artist. Following the dedication the Chinese culture minister Cai Wu said that the government was considering a ban on entertainers without a university degree. (Elton left Pinner County Grammar school just before his A levels to pursue a career in music).