Wild ArtDavid Carrier and Joachim Pissarro

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Wild Art is an incredibly vivid, colourful and current collection of over 300 extraordinary artworks that are too offbeat, outrageous, kitsch, quirky or funky to 'make it' in the formal art world of galleries and museums. From pimped cars and graffiti to extreme body art, ice sculpture, flash mobs, burlesque acts, portraits made from bottle tops, paintings made by animals, light shows, carnivals and giant artworks that can only truly be appreciated from the air, this book has it all. The works featured here are variously moving, funny or shocking, celebrating the beauty and art in anything and everything.

Authors David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro have studied alternative and underground art forms and cultures for years and have compiled the ultimate collection of creative works to challenge and engage every reader's perception of what is and isn't art.


  • Format: Hardback
  • Size: 270 × 180 mm (10 5/8 × 7 1/8 in)
  • Pages: 464 pp
  • Illustrations: 350 illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780714865676

Martin Parr is an affordable, pocket-sized monograph spanning the influential photographer's entire career, from his early black and white photographs to works from his major projects, including The Last Resort and Think of England. It features an introductory essay by Sandra S. Phillips, Senior Curator of Photography at SFMOMA.

"I'm blown away by Wild Art. Some of the images are so refreshing and startling that they help you look at the everyday world again renewed and invigorated. Joachim Pissarro and David Carrier have created a wonderful book."—Jeff Koons

"Authors David Carrier and Joachim Pissarro have bravely stepped out into the unknown, shone a light in the corners, looked under rocks and come back with a collection of the offbeat, outré, and overlooked treasures that exist outside the snobbish world of The Arterati..."—We Heart

"...A lot of things that can be called art that are far, far, far outside what you’d see in a gallery… Be warned: these images are addictive viewing."—Dazed Digital

"There is art by and for everyone in this book [...] The 350 extraordinary artworks featured here are often moving, funny or shocking, celebrating the beauty and art in everything."—LDN Graffiti

"Ranging from street art on rundown walls, through awe-inspiring architecture, and on to fluoro images of snow wolves and rabbits, the world of art has never looked so wild."—Shortlist

"Outsider-art fans will love the book's unexpected juxtapositions and raw, energetic imagery."—Publishers Weekly