Hackney Peace Mural - Mick Jones

Mick Jones RIP

The artist behind the landmark 1985 anti-war mural Hackney Peace Carnival has died

In the mid to late 1980s it was said that Hackney in North East London had more artists per square foot than any other place on earth. We're not sure if that still holds true but we'd like to mark the passing of one of the area's most infamous artists Mick Jones - creator of much loved local landmark the Dalston Land Peace Mural. Mick who died recently aged 68 created the mural in 1985 using a fresco-style effect with German paints designed to stand the test of time. They did and the mural has become part of the landscape of the area. 

The son of the late Jack Jones, a legendary trade union leader, Mick also painted a politically charged mural off Tottenham Court Road in central London and another public artwork in Liverpool. Jones, who lived in Highgate, grew up in Coventry and was a longstanding member of the Labour Party was inspired to paint murals after visiting Mexico and admiring the murals of Diego Rivera.