Bubblesplatz by David Shrigley

David Shrigley makes 'Wild Art' shrine for Bubbles

The Turner-nominated artist has created a memorial to Michael Jackson's one-time chimpanzee companion

Though they were both pretty accomplished singers, the late Michael Jackson had very little in common with Orlando di Lasso the sixteenth century composer. However, The King of Pop did stay in The Hotel Bayerischer Hof on Promenadeplatz in Munich 27 years ago, which stands across the street from a statue of di Lasso. This association is sufficient for Munich's fans of the late singer, who've since designated di Lasso's statue as an impromptu shrine to Jackson.

Max II Emanuel, the seventeenth century Bavarian aristocrat has even less in common with Bubbles, Jackson's one-time chimpanzee consort. Nevertheless, this hasn't stopped the British Turner Prize nominated artist David Shrigley from designating a statue of Emanuel, close to the Munich di Lasso statue, as a shrine to the chimp, who currently resides in The Center For Great Apes sanctuary in Florida.

Bubblesplatz, as Shrigley has dubbed the work, is as close a copy of the adjacent memorial to Michael as possible, and looks like the kind of flowers-and-candles impromptu shrine common the world over, yet it actually forms part of an on-going public art initiative, A Space Called Public, developed by the artistic duo Elmgreen & Dragset.



A Space Called Public runs until September in a number of outdoor locations across Munich. Shrigley says he's a bit of a Jackson fan and doesn't intend his piece to as a critique of the singer. Rather, he explains, "whilst obviously being ironic the piece is not intended as a criticism of those who have created the MJ shrine, but rather to raise awareness of Bubbles' plight and hopefully to raise some funds for his future care in light of the fact that Michael Jackson neglected to make provision for him.

Feel like contributing to Bubblesplatz? Thought not. But you can fire over a work of commemorative art to katja@aspacecalledpublic.de and cc mail@davidshrigley.com. Shrigley's only proviso is 'nothing too offensive please.'

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