Javier Bardem to play Ferran Adrià in new film?

Producer Philippe Rousselet tells Hollywood Reporter that Bond villain "is obvious first choice"

Movie producer Philippe Rousselet has told the Hollywood Reporter that he wants Javier Bardem to play Ferran Adrià in the forthcoming elBulli film.

While no casting decisions have been finalised, Rousselet said the Academy-Award winning actor is his "obvious first choice." The film chronicles life behind the scenes in the elBulli kitchen.

Adrià is acting as "an on-set advisor" for the production which will see the re-opening of elBulli. Adrià has previously described the film as "The Social Network meets Ratatouille". In turn, Rousselet has added a few more filmic references to the pot, calling it "The Breakfast Club meets Dead Poets Society meets The Social Network." Sounds intriguing. Of course, you can always star in your own elBulli production with our books The Family Meal, A Day At elBulli and Reinventing Food