The Museum Of Copying - FAT

FAT create Museum of Copying at Venice Biennale

London architecture practice creates a 5 metre high re-make of Palladio’s Villa Rotunda in Venice

Following our Venice Architecture story this morning we've been alerted to FAT's contribution to this year's Biennale. The London-based architecture practice, (Fashion, Architecture, Taste) long one of our favourites here at, has created The Museum of Copying. It explores the idea of the copy in architecture as an important, positive and often surreal phenomenon.

The museum centres around FAT’s installation, The Villa Rotunda Redux, a 5m high re-make of Palladio’s Villa Rotunda that explores the Villa as both a subject and object of architectural copying. The facsimile is made using contemporary fabrication techniques, CNCing a giant mould from which a spray-foam cast is taken. Cast and mould are arranged as two quarters of the Villa displaying the process of fabrication as well as opposing qualities of positive and negative, and interior and exterior. It's truly something to behold. 

Sam Jacob, a director of FAT told Phaidon: "There is a history of copies of the Villa Rotunda that have been important staging posts for architectural culture. We hope to extend this history and explore how copying something is, strangely, a way of inventing new forms of architecture. It also seems sweet to return a bastardised form of the Villa to its original home in the Venito.” 


Plans for The Museum Of Copying - FAT
Plans for The Museum Of Copying - FAT