NYC New Year's Eve 1965 - Joel Meyerowitz

Joel Meyerowitz - "Every street has its own identity"

Diamond dealers, dames and the long dark days of winter - photographer Joel Meyerowitz spent day after day, year after year, walking the streets of Manhattan - in this video he describes some of what he saw

New York may be suffering right now but the city’s indomitable spirit is summed up beautifully in our latest video with photographer Joel Meyerowitz. In it he talks poetically, romantically even, about how each Manhattan street has its own particular identity. 

“Fifth avenue is the king of boulevards” apparently and one on which the scale, dimensions and the four or five lanes of traffic conspire to allow light to prevail in a way it doesn’t on others. But listen to Joel tell it in his own way. And take a look at the wonderful Taking My Time. You know how much loves it. 


Joel Meyerowitz - Every street has a different identity