René Redzepi and Mike Eggert in Middle Head, North Shore, Sydney, Australia (2010)

Day 2 - René Redzepi forages in Middle Head, Sydney Australia

Laura Gladwin is on the trail of the intrepid chef Down Under for the Crave Sydney International Food Festival

René Redzepi travelled to Sydney, Australia, for the start of the Crave Sydney International Food Festival (until 31 October) during which he also promoted his book Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine. Cookbook editor Laura Gladwin went with him and reports on the days, dinners and foraging that took place in Sydney and beyond, out in the bush.


Day 2

Thursday 30 September began with interviews for national radio and TV, followed by photographs in Circular Quay with the dramatic backdrop of the Opera House. In the afternoon, Crave Sydney International Food Festival director Joanna Savill and local chef and foraging expert Mike Eggert took René to Middle Head park on Sydney’s North Shore to look for edible ingredients. Although it’s the beginning of  spring, there is still a host of interesting plants to sample, including bush currants, slender celery, pig face (so named for its large pink flower bud) and bottle brush.

The afternoon is bright and sunny, and the clean, sharp aromas are enticing, provoking enthusiastic debate about their possible uses in cooking. After a brief return to the hotel for more interviews, René is guest of honour at the opening party for the Food Festival.  But it's an early start tomorrow..