A still from Wolfgang Tillmans' video for Powell's track Freezer

Have you seen this new Wolfgang Tillmans video?

The acclaimed photographer has made a video with London producer Powell and will perform with him in August

For an artist so well received by the gallery system, Wolfgang Tillmans goes down pretty well beyond the walls of the white cube. Beginning as a magazine photographer, Tillmans has created public monuments, founded his own anti-Brexit campaign, formed his own band, created music videos for Goldfrapp and The Pet Shop Boys, and regularly installs listening facilities at his shows, allowing fans to hear some of his favourite records.


Wolfgang Tillmans
Wolfgang Tillmans

Now he has struck up a new creative partnership with the British techno producer Powell. Tillmans shot the video for Powell’s track Freezer. It’s a lovely bit of footage, with shots of boiling water and guard dogs interspersed with images of soldiers – a recurrent Tillmans motif. There are also shots of the kinds of flowers and flora that make his current Tate retrospective such a joy to visit and visit again. 

Meanwhile Wolfy and Powell aren’t limiting their work to the small screen. Later this summer the pair will perform at Berlin’s Atonal festival. “The two artists have been collaborating on music which will reach ears for the first time in this live audiovisual show,” says Atonal.



Can’t wait until then? Watch the video above and check out our comprehensive and completely updated Wolfgang Tillmans monograph here.