“And you’re sure it’ll stay up, yeah?” - Filip Dujardin from the series, 'Fictions'

Brutalist architecture - the remix

Belgian architecture photographer Filip Dujardin creates new monuments - from existing buildings

We're used to seeing CGI versions of buildings in the planning stages with their futuristic materials, flowing lines and hyper-real colours, but these buildings created by architectural photographer Filip Dujardin have an altogether different feel to them. Dujardin resamples buildings from his local area of Ghent in northwest Belgium to create entirely new structures in his series _Fictions. _The buildings he ends up with could be likened to inner-city concrete tower blocks, Soviet-era factories - strange monuments to brutalism. The discerning eye however, may detect the influence of existing projects by OMA, LOT-EK or German architect and artist Simon Ungers.

Filip Dujardin, from the series <em>Fictions</em></em>Filip Dujardin, from the series Fictions

"After a while shooting the work of other architects I didn't feel the excitement of buildings any more," Dujadin explains. Instead, the walls, windows, vents and walkways of pre-existing buildings are cantilevered onto each other; and corrugated steel, brick and glass form compact structures which seem to have morphed and blended into each other over time.

Filip Dujardin, from the series <em>Fictions</em></em>

Filip Dujardin, from the series Fictions

Many of Dujardin's images feature the backs of the structures, as if the viewer is seeing his or her cityscape from the window of a speeding train, the tangled mess of pipes, materials and bridges exposed, instead of a customarily more pleasing facade.

Filip Dujardin, from the series <em>Fictions</em></em>(c.1460-64)Filip Dujardin, from the series Fictions

"Perhaps the works come out of frustration" Dujardin says. "I want to play at being an architect. All my creations leave the impression that they could have been built, it's just that you've never seen them."