Photographer Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry 'You have to follow your passion'

"We need to get involved in situations that give purpose to our life," the photographer says in this Phaidon video

If there's one photographer who can offer both career and creative advice, it's Steve McCurry. The celebrated Magnum and Phaidon photographer has travelled all over the globe, reporting from war zones, and creating some of the world's best-loved images. In this clip he gives us an important life lesson that’s all about following your passion - not always easy but, as Steve says in this short video clip, “one needs passion to do your best work and to get involved in situations that give purpose to your life.”

McCurry goes on: “At the end of the day, the pictures that I care about and I think are interesting and successful are the pictures and stories that I felt very deeply about."


Steve McCurry Follow Your Passion

For Steve of course, many of those pictures and stories occurred in India. “As a young photographer the first country I went to was India. I immediately fell in love with the people. This was an ancient landscape and it had such depth that, although I’ve been back 80 or 90 times, it’s a place I’ve never gotten tired of.” 

Watch our video above. When you've done that check out Steve's books in our store where a number are on special offer and read and watch more of our online McCurry content.