Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry 'It's the journey not the destination'

And how right he is! Watch Steve capturing one of his most iconic shots in this previously unseen Phaidon video

As we all know, the art of life involves constant readjustment to our surroundings. And while it's important to have a plan it's essential to leave yourself open to opportunities that present themselves. As Darwin said: "It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive, but those who can best manage change." 

And that's the essence of this good advice video from Steve McCurry, the Phaidon and Magnum photographer who's spent a lifetime reading the situation around him, reacting to it (often with split second timing) with some incredible results. 


Steve McCurry The journey is more important than the destination

Phaidon thought the same thing when we first came across Steve at a photo festival in Perpignon, France back in September 1997. At that time he was known by other photographers, but not really by a wider audience. We asked him if he'd like to make a book with us and we ended up making fourteen together. Maybe that's why Steve says in our video, “It’s more about the journey than the destination."

"You can’t let good situations and good opportunities pass you by because that in the end may be more interesting than where you’re going. Some of my best pictures have happened as I was travelling to a particular place. That destination is long since forgotten but those pics along the way end up being memorable.”

They certainly do. Want to see how Steve got some of his most iconic shots? Then watch the video above. When you've done that check out Steve's books in our store and read and watch more of our online McCurry content.